Sativa Tincture

Hi. Will you be getting the Sativa tincture back in stock? I’ve been ordering it every couple weeks and was hoping to be able to use it as my go-to product. Thanks!


  • I'll let the shippers know you're looking for it!

  • Love the Sativa Tincture too!!! Just got the Indica in and it's really good too! Always happy with everything! Sure would like to see some Cbd/Thc, Medicated Syrups available at some point!!!

  • I will second that ..the green leaf medicine was great at 1500 thc and 1500 cbd per bottle got me through some ruff times..when smoking was not a if you need a big dose like 200 mg each time was other way for us fixed income people to use syrups or other low dose medicine's ..I have not tryed the tincture ..I don't see the thc or cbd content on the site ..I am not knocking it... Got good stuff from medicine mama..

  • The tincture is 350 mg THC and 100 mg THCA, according to the bottle. There is no CBD listed. It’s not super strong, but it does the trick. A couple dropped fulls and I’m pretty good.

  • Hi Medboy. The Sativa tincture was back in stock for a couple days. I was going to order today, and now it’s gone again! Can you please let the shippers know I am still waiting for it. Let me know you saw this. Thanks.

  • The shipper found some more in the back but now they're really out for real. They know you want it though!

  • Yes! I’d like to try the tinctures!

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