Favorite Strains

Trying to decide what to get during the current sale. What's your favorite strain? I prefer indicas but not the ones that make you really lazy or pass out right away.


  • I like Slurricane an awful lot. Berries and everything but hits you hard.

  • I'll be ordering some 5th Element and Slurricane today based on your recommendations georgetirebiter. I'm really looking forward to them! For RandomGuy, while I didn't find the Grapefruit Kush to be extraordinary, we did enjoy it and it seems to fit the parameters of what you're looking for. And to be honest, it's hard to make recommendations based on one shared J. I'd definitely smoke it again and may purchase some.

  • TheProfessor, Let me know how those two strains sit with you!

    And, yes, to RandomGuy, "fits the parameters" is a good way of saying it. I felt GF in a way I don't normally feel sativa dominants, viscerally, and I liked it. Not paralyzing, though. Very good initial "wake up" buzz that subsided into that visceral stoniness. Tasted very nice, also.

  • Will do, georgetirebiter! They're ordered, hopefully it'll be here by Thursday or Friday. This is my first order from Med Mama in months. I also ordered some gummies just in case we get sick...the wife is a nurse and they're bracing for the surge.

  • I know you’ve already ordered but the Do-is-dos from Loud is phenomenal..bud structure reminds me of the Strawberry Diesel they had a while back..large glistening buds which are very light for the size..received 7 g’s exact but it looks like 8 or 9..

  • Just wondering, has anyone figured out any pattern for when the new stuff gets posted? Not complaining about what I got, but it seems like new stuff typically shows up AFTER I order. (...recently missed out on Premium Froot Loops by 12 hours...) 😢

  • Thanks superman38NC, we enjoyed the same Strawberry Diesel...it was indeed worthwhile. Do-si-dos sounds promising...I can always make another order! :smile:

  • part_time_liver: I wish I knew.

    I wish I also knew when discounts came around...is it always twice a year?

    Apologies if this is well known...I've been here less than a year.

  • Indica only for me. As long as it’s straight indica i can enjoy whatever comes around. 🥳🥳
    Indoor is my favorite type 🔥

  • Premium Fruit loops I just got was OMG!!! and it tastes just like fruit loops with a lemon after taste.Light fluffy nugs that are sticky as hell!!!!

  • edited March 2020

    Yes this last round of Fruitloops is indeed sticky! I actually compared two large nugs from both batches..this last one was a lot leafier( which was made known in the description), but you trim those off (not needed) then they are almost identical..definitely from the same clone as stated..heavy hitter! Another 5 stars!

  • George, yes I’m my experience over the past several years, discounts seem to happen twice a year pretty consistently. Once around 4/20, and once around Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

  • Thanks part_time_liver!

  • Got my 1st order in Saturday of Dj short blueberry and Miracle Alien Cookies. Both were awesome! I would say that out of the two, MAC is most definately my favorite. The dsb was good but mac was better. I could definately feel the sativa side, it was a lot different than others I've had in the past.

  • Shipment arrived today...,5 days from CA. We must say that the Slurricane is outstanding! Great call! Nice smell and taste, nice smoke, and wonderfully strong sedating indica punch...but not overwhelming as we melt into the couch watching some non-news! Can't wait to try the 5th Element a little later!

  • Premium Grape ape and indoor jah goo are both. 🔥🔥🔥 . So very Much appreciate this service!

  • And the 5th Element did not disappoint. Smoked before bed around 10:30, knocked us out! Woke up at 2:30am still high! Thanks for the recommendation! Wish I'd gotten a whole oz. Yes, the Grape Ape is one of my favorites as well...still have over an oz. of that beautiful bud.

  • Glad these worked out for you!

  • I have yet to try the majestic-sounding Grape Ape.

  • Grape Ape Grape Ape. Anyone else remember the cartoon. 😀

  • Oh they did georgetirebiter, thanks for the review and recommendations! Slurricane is phenomenal, but that 5th Element! Grape Ape is similar and has been my bedtime strain for awhile now, but it doesn't seem to have the same knockout punch that we experienced last night from the 5th Element. Looking forward to seeing if tonight is the same.

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