Re-order Mystery?!

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So last week I was so impressed with the Do-si-dos that I re-ordered a split half oz of that and Lodi Dodi..received both today (quick shipping btw!)..when I crack open the internal packaging I instantly see both are included so the no substitutes does work.another big thanks!

But to the mystery..the buds in today’s bag labeled Do-si-dos doesn’t resemble what I received last week(maybe more than 1 batch on hand?)..they are a darker shade green with lighter orange pistols..mostly smalls with 1 or 2 closer to med size buds..last weeks bag had med to large buds..still resembles premium flower with trim..aroma is different too..1st bag has more of a Cookies overtone while the 2nd smells more like peaches..

now the bag labeled Lodi Dodi contained a massive 4.5 g bud..freaking huge and has more size/trim resemblance of my first bag of dos-si-dos but definitely not the same..the aroma is more similar to blue dream/blueberry..has a haze feel to it..

So I’m wondering which is which..did the labels get mixed up? Did I receive Dos-si-dos or something else other than Lodi? All excellent bud so no complaints..more curious as to what I got for when I divulge...anyone that picked up Lodi or recent Dos-si-dos mind to give a description of what yours looks/smells like? Thx..


  • I love this kind of a mystery.

    I, too, received Do-Si-Do [sic], 7g. Came in yesterday's mail. I'll offer more details later, but the taste was super distinctive: I was hit by musky nutmeg, turning to chocolate mint. I'll have to hit on it tonight and think about Peaches. Not the girl who taught me to drink coffee, steal chicken...and lie so convincingly you would think you were crazy.

    The buds did not seem super premium, I should say. Not complaining. Beauty is on the inside. But they came alongside Alien OG and WOW! Alien OG announces it's badass premium self. My "Do-Si-Do" had the taste of something premium, but not like something comparable, something I recognize. If I had to, I would say it's like a nutmeg/chocolate "cookies" strain, but elevated...

  • When I said they did not seem super premium...I meant the appearance.

    The stoniness was nuanced. It evolved super slowly and to a very high state, ultimately. There was a sexual vibe to it. That's really all I care to say about that.

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    Ah hah another detective on the case! are we going stir crazy or what?! 🤪..

    Very interesting information George..the 1st bag of Do-si-dos I received has very equal bag appeal as the Alien OG (wish I had ordered more of that)..big buds..superb trim..dark purple hues embedded throughout..pistils dark orange..that’s why I ordered more..

    The 2nd bag as mentioned sounds like what you received..the aroma is totally different..unlike the two batches months apart of Fruit Loops I have..different growers, but no way to mistake those apart

    Here is my conclusion thus far..Lodi Dodi is correct or whatever is in that bag is definitely sativa dominant..since I have some blue dream on hand..and grown it a few’s strikingly similar..started my day with it..good stuff!

    The 2nd bag of Dosi is either from another plant or separate batches altogether..had a good amount of this yesterday and it’s very close to the effects of my 1st no complaints! Just threw me off..the trichs on bag 2 have an amber glow..1st bag..more milky..either way I’m impressed..just bud appearance/aroma is night/day different..

  • From the trichs its from 2 different plants. Trichs go clear to milky to amber as the buds mature. When i had a garden i waited to over 50 percent amber before i would even think about harvest. For heavy indicas i waited till almost all amber

  • I am smoking more herb lately and, yes, you could call it stir if the Trichome Hypothesis is true, then I got--and Superman38NC got, in the 2nd shipment--an "early harvest," perhaps? Someone get out a nice Sherlock pipe before answering...

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    Normally they turn more amber the longer the flowering goes..milky trichs supposedly provide more head/euphoria vs amber giving more a sedative effect..

  • This should be a new Netflix series. :smiley:

  • Just re-read Spongepail...the second batch of Do-Si-Dos was harvested early, dear Watson!

    I'm off to smoke my Sour Tangie sample joint in the shower...good day's work!

  • Mystery mix... send .024122 in BTC and get a bag on nugs.

    I got an ounce of Greenhouse Smalls from Medmama once...I had no idea mmj could produce so many colors. Three years later and I stiill wonder what was in that bag. Deli-cious.

    Stop worrying and just smoke it.

    I spent many years in China learning about tea... in the end I learned there is good tea and bad tea.

  • I wish Pineapple Express would make a Netflix Series continuation..Rogan and Franco at it again..anyone ever watch the TV version of that movie? fave

  • Btw both bags of Dosi are excellent! Just vary diff which is surprising since I ordered back to complaints from me..I’ll be watching for more Alien OG..if this was a staple on the menu I’d probably only order that!

  • Very much enjoying the Do-Si-Dos...and Fruit Loops, too: an excellent wake-up punch that keeps on giving.

  • Man some of these strains lately have been straight killer huh?! I can’t get enough of the Alien OG..Do-is-dos is like Mimosa..wonderful enjoyed anytime of the day..and speaking of Fruit’s back! I’m stocked up..but get it while it’s available for anyone who’s missed their opportunity..

  • Too killer, man. I was hoping to get back on track, paying bills. Nope. Dolato? Purple Haze? Are you kidding me???

  • I know right!? MM will be getting some of my stimulus..necessary medication! Just ordered a split of Dolato and Space Candy...yummy!

  • You know what’s funny is the bud pics for the Dolato looks exactly what I got with my 1st order of Dosi..🤔

  • @superman38NC let me know what you think about Space Candy. About to order some myself.

  • Dolato is a cross of Do-si-dos and Gelato.

  • Received my split Loud order of Dolato and Space Candy earlier today..once again I have been blessed with some of the finest herb and quick shipping! Always a bummer to see others having shipping issues..I’ve been very fortunate so far..

    The Delato buds look as shown in the description..They are very close to the 1st batch of Do-si-dos in appearance but the aroma is definitely different..all amazing! Very excited to try this..

    Now to the Space Candy..noticed immediately the buds look nothing like shown..I’m assuming this is a reloaded pic from a prior time..but I’m glad because these buds should be listed as premium..they are straight 🔥..dense, sticky, small to med sized dark purple buds glistening with trichs..very loud and pleasant aroma..little fuel undertone..opened up in my basement and within a couple min you could smell it in the entire house..very similar appearance of the Violet Vixen I received from Medmama which is fire too! yes Sixwaychili and anyone else wanting premium for a reduced indoor price get these before they are gone!

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    Damn @superman38NC I changed my mind and just placed an order of an oz of Mother's Milk OG split with White Cookies. But I doubt I'll be disappointed with those based on what you and george have said about those two.

    Maybe I'll just buy a 1/4 of Space Candy.

  • Yup, just place a 2nd order of 1/4 of Space Candy. See, you guys should be getting freebies for selling more with your reviews. :smile:

  • 😀 I’m just thankful for the A+ service and amazing product quality found here at MedMan. Big thanks to the shippers and Medboy too!. Lots of moving pieces to get this quality of bud from one coast to the other in four days (Not always the norm, but I’m grateful when it happens)..There is a lot of sketchy stuff out there but not here..definitely not perfect from others mishaps, but everyone thus far seems to be well taken care of here in the end. Lots of good people in these forums too..

    Anyway..yes the Space Candy delivers! Vaped one session and that was ok..(every-once in a while for a special as this I’ll fire up the old bowel to remind me of my childhood and get the full effects..and wow this sat me down for a a good way..definitely hybrid effects but it has a punch like Alien OG if you up the dosage..a little heavy behind the eyes but definitely able to get up and move..after relooking at the nugs I’ll reiterate they are very dense, sticky, and nicely trimmed!..there is a little more olive green mixed in..but I’d say 60 % is dark purple buds. 5/5 for me!

  • Cannot wait. Was disappointed that I missed out on Alien OG and the Fruit Loops, but this will be great too.

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