Informed delivery

Is informed delivery working right seems like my isnt updating correctly


  • It’s very unreliable especially now with the virus. People complain about it all the time.

  • Mine finally updated today, for L&C. Haven’t seen one from MM yet however.

  • Mm responded he says all is good

  • It's only half reliable in the best of times.

  • Informed delivery used to work consistently, but now not at all or it shows something coming several days after delivery. In all honesty I'm kinda glad my "certain" packages don't show up online sometimes. I've ordered from both I'm in the Four States area. On average packages from Loud have arrived no later than 7 days including Sunday(every single order so far) and then MM within 8 days and the earliest with them has been 5. Regardless they always arrive, unless of course there us supply issues, order issues, or technology issues and sometimes even postal issues. Be patient, think positive!!

  • Mine still hasnt updated yet placed order last Thursday hope ot shows up usually only takes 4 business days to get me in az

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