My wife left me

Yesterday I cought my wife with another man after 27 yos of marrage I don't know what to do if anybady as some words of advance I would appreciate. Also medboy please check on orders I have one setting I
W state since April 30th I really need it
Has a lable printed says it had not shipped yet thanks


  • Wow, that really sucks buddy. Let me first say that I too have an order that was placed last week that still hasn't even shown any informed delivery info, but there are quite a few people dealing with that right now, and MB just informed me yesterday that everything is fine, so I think things are just delayed a bit with situation- don't worry, it WILL be there soon, I'm certain. Secondly, I'm a divorced guy myself having also caught my wife with someone over ten years ago now (I wasn't the best husband either though). I was CRUSHED, and it hurt bad for a bit, I'm not gonna lie, but eventually, and not as long as you'd think either, I felt even BETTER than I did with her and now I am happier than I've ever been. Don't think that this is "the end" just because it stings right now. My advice would be that if the trust has been destroyed in the relationship to just cut your losses now instead of attempting to live in a trustless relationship because THAT is a recipe for a toxic life I assure you. Take some time to yourself to sort things out, and decide what it is you want to do from here- perhaps a change of environment would even be healthy, that helped me a lot. I surrounded myself with family and friends for support and in 6 months I was on the mend emotionally. Get yourself a BIG ol' bag of smoke- you're gonna need it- and take some 'YOU" time. I hope things ultimately work out for the better for you bud and really sorry to hear your circumstance- I've been there my friend.

  • Winston sometimes things happen to us in life that are actually the path to a happier life. The best is yet to come!! Hang in there buddy!!

  • I've been there Winston. Put me through the worst period of my life, but I ended up so much better off for it. I'm now with the person I should have been with the whole time.

  • I did not expect to see such heartfelt (and good) advice this morning, on this site. Thanks CapnChronic.

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    Lifting you up in prayers today Winston. 27 yrs is a long time brother. My marriage started out rocky with both of us making big mistakes, but if your both willing to work it out good things can come out of situations like this. I was told once to trust in what you know, not what you don’t know. Going through something like this can produce a lot of unknowns and crazy thoughts..praying for healing and clarity as you move forward..that and hopefully your meds will arrive to take the edge off.

  • Thank all of yall ur my extended family

  • And praying for me please

  • And keep praying for me I ment thanks

  • Sending prayers. Saw that my pkg has finally been dropped off on ID. That is a good sign!

  • Thanks buddy . How long did it take URS am on 10 days right now and mail just passed didn't get anything . My 10 days are counting weekends 8 days of week day mall . Keep the prayers up thank you very much

  • Best wishes, Winston.

  • Winston wow that sucks after 27 years of marriage I wonder if she was cheating for a my opinion I'd leave her after that it's not worth it she doesnt respect you

  • Today is 10 days including the weekend. I checked Informed Delivery and it says the pkg was dropped off last night and expected delivery is Friday. I will keep you posted.

  • Ur right yes I cought her cheating Azfirekush. And thanks skholla

  • Winston - Today's current world is much different than it used to be and thing are often never simple, with all of the things going on right now, it was really bad timing (it never is with your situation though). I think the majority of us have been cheated on, it's one of the worst feelings of betrayal one could ever experience.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in hopes to ease the pain you're experiencing.

    CapnChronic is right, use this time to focus on yourself and your needs, it will be painful for a while, but judging from the replies to your thread, we all have your back and support. Just remember to keep your head up and try to focus on the immediate positive forces (family, friends, smoke) in your life.

  • Thanks to all of you ur like family

  • Adopt a dog from the animal shelter....Avoid impulse to find another girl !

  • There's better things to come my friend , keep your ur head up,your heart open and your bowl packed

  • Lol @greatspirit what are you, 14? Go to therapy. Men and women cheat. There are good people out there. Don’t be so cynical about the world. Something good could find you.

  • I wouldn't be hated on ppl esp Winston he's been around for a long time. I have saw medboy banned people for less than that . Say something good are nothing at all.

  • Thanks tac Its all good probably shouldn't have posted my problems . I did get some good advice tho. I was feeling really low that day and I consider mm & mb my extended family along with everyone else all in this together.

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