Just sticking with MedMan

I fired my dealer. Last night was the final straw. So sick and tired of the subpar quality he has. Wanted a qtr and it smelled nice and looked decent but when I smoked it, all I got was a very tiny head buzz that turned into a headache and burned my throat after 3 bowls. Had to smoke resin just to feel somewhat high!!

So thank you MedMan for having good quality always and it looks like you're my only connect from now on.


  • Maybe he sold you cbd weed

  • I thought so myself

  • How do you fire a dealer? Lol Did you have him on retainer? You're saying you quit buying from him.

  • Your dealer works for you. If your employee kept doing a bad job, you'd take action.

    Just like in Office Space..."we fixed the glitch"

  • I feel ya, I have two or three local options who are also friends, and they have stuff that always looks really nice, has popular names, sometimes smells dank, but after medman's quality I am always dissapointed. I wonder if its all massed produced over fertilized shit thats mostly sent to states that cant have decent grows. Weak buzz, nasty comedown, and so many folks don't know the difference and just smoke the crap out of it. I even know a few guys that used to order mman and went back to smoking crap so they could have more for the money, I dont get it.

  • All I have is MM. Would take a lifetime to acquire additional options..

  • This thread warms my heart. <3

  • Tis true though, thank God for this site.

    I had a few connects here about 15yrs ago, nothing of great quality. Long story short, my friend usually has quality stuff but not mm quality.

    Very grateful and thankful for all the mm crew and suppliers!

  • Medman used to be my favorite option because of the choice of strains and the discreet buying. When I moved to a rural area, medman became my only option. It's a godsend!

  • For yet another example how great MM is....Friday the 17th they posted new strains so people can still use the discount, they could have easily waited a few days. You guys rock, Iā€™m a customer for life, keep on keepin on! āœŒšŸ»šŸ˜ššŸ’Ø

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