Mammoth Skunk

I could not find any information about the Mammoth Skunk strain, anywhere online, outside of the MedicineMan menu:

Indoor Mammoth Skunk
Afganistan, like all the 'stans produces great indica. The new world produces great sativas, and the best hybrids are those Atlantic or Pacific hybrids that take strong varietals from both worlds. The following countries played a role in this breeding, intellectually or genetically: Spain, Holland, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia. The result is a fruity savory goodness that will lead you to a country known as "relaxation".n The Afghan genes are on both sides of the family (strains tend to be inbred for consistency) and predictably the indica is dominant in this hybrid. Despite its dank afghani roots, its Colombian and Mexican genes give it a sweet, fruity freshness that adds a delicious depth to the skunky experience. A fruity funk will serenade you to funky relaxation, though this does have sativa effects for some people, so it should be more of an evening strain. Grown hydroponically (indoors), with synthetic nutrients. A rare treat.

First impressions: These buds are works of art; grown and trimmed expertly, with love and affection. The photo does not quite capture the color contrasts between olive and emerald leaves and fiery orange tendrils. These buds are almost too beautiful to burn. But burn they must.

What flavor! Mocha chocolate orange overpowers my palate. It is strange that “skunk” should appear in the name. The smell is gear oil, the taste rich and fruity orange fudge-sickles…I would really like to know more about the genetics of this strain.

The effects are mesmerizing, it should be said. It’s so good, this review just has to end! 5.0/5

Conclusion: Cannabis doesn't get any better than this.


  • Looking forward to it, @georgetirebiter i ordered half and half fruitloops (again) and mammoth skunk..I’m starting to see a bit of a correlation between our cannabis taste, and I like it! Haha

  • Awesome review!

  • @Fastguy199 I suspect you won't be disappointed. The fiery red pistils of this strain remind me of Fruit Loops. So alive. @Jdtokes Thanks!

  • It was a very hard decision, but I went for some mammoth. I'm really surpised that there is absolutely no good info on this one other than the mm site. I was torn between mammoth, 3 kings, and space candy.

  • @Jdtokes if it's Mammoth, that's a little different. I've never had Mammoth or Blue Mammoth. I assumed that it was a special mammoth strain...

    @medboy, Can you obtain additional info on Mammoth Skunk, from Loud? Is it related to Mammoth somehow? There is no information on this strain on the internet, with that name. Which is surprising, given how extremely good this product is!

  • I can try...

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    Finally giving this one a try. Glad it's back! I'm a fan of the genetics, that's all the research I need.

  • I was writing about Lodi Dodi but I lost it when my computer updated itself without telling me. It's quite nice, too.

  • Lodi Dodi isn't a new one to me, I've got my "Sativa". I'd love to read the review 😆. I do love LD prem or indo but I'm going NL#5 & Mammoth skunk this time around.

  • Unfortunately I missed out in NL's.... I'm really bummed and kind of annoyed I didn't get up in time to check the site lol. I ended up going with Strawberry dream because I've tried it before and like it's effects, also (learned today) that it has NL genetics, so that's good. I also picked up some prem birthday cake to try out.

    I didn't pick up any more mammoth because I got some on my last order. I like it but I had already had 2 other strains so can't really judge the strain yet lol. But, so far so good. I was excited to see a J of MAC was in there for my freebie so I had to help myself haha.

  • Mammoth came! Gorgeous! Flavorful! Potent! 5/5

  • The mammoth skunk I got was crap, hate to say it. So was the half of Trainwreck(should be named Trash can cuz that's where its at)I just received, my suggestion is dont order when supplies are low as you will certainly get the bottom of the bag no matter how loyal a customer. Those who get free replacements should never bitch I've been using them for almost a year now,probably more than half has been dirt,and I've yet to receive a replacement. I never expect one either because those are the chances you take in a business such as this. The best strains I've had so far have been Blue Dream,White Widow, Sour Diesel and OG smalls. Also both companies ALWAYS deliver!!! Maybe a few days give or take but unless your order is like weeks late I'd say have plenty of patience. Oh and yeah ,they really should edit their strain descriptions to mimic those of the customers reviews,would be very helpful.

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    I'm on Mammoth Skunk now. Most definitely isn't crap. You should perhaps do more research about yourself @teragab13 when picking a strain. Some bomb stuff for others doesn't work for me, like Grape Ape. It's a hit with many but, I can't stand it.

    • I also got the "bottom" of Mammoth (A+). As soon as I ordered, it was off the menu.
  • I thought maMmouth was great ``

  • Every strain affects every person a little differently. It's good to have @teragab13 's feedback, we appreciate it!

  • Sure wish I could upload a pic of what I got here. Yes every strain affects others differently, I've been smoking 30 years now and kinda know my stuff and what I get. Sometimes (at least I've learned) when supplies are getting low and u order, you just cant expect the freshest or the best. It is what it is. That's just the business your in. You take chances every day. It always does something for me regardless of what I order and it always comes through. Just giving my feedback for others. Literally the pic I got here looks like a bowl of fertilizer. Lmao the best I can do w/what I got us take a hit,dump it and pack another fresh bowl,cuz if I attempted to finish the bowl I'd choke to death!!! 😂😂😂 very very harsh...

  • Perhaps they switched the strains, mixed it up with something else? I am very certain that the "Purple Haze" I got from Loud recently was not, in fact, Purple Haze. It's also possible we received different batches of the strain.

  • I just posted new strains this morning!

  • Hope this works. This is the mammoth skunk I received from loud. Nice dense nugs with that classic sweet skunk smell. This stuff has a real nice high as well. Not too strong and perfect for anytime of the day.

  • Mine is horrible. Not sure whats happening. Mine are loose, harsh and seedy. Stuck with an O.

  • would contact them..

  • Liltap i have had issue in the past with bad product that was different from what i was told i got IE Black cherry soda one oz was bright green smelled great the next was brown stemmy and was not the same for sure contact med boy take pic and send it to him and show them!!!!

  • This batch looks better than the previous batch that I got that was labeled premium mammoth skunk and yes I did pay the premium price lol. Looks really good them orange hairs look beautiful

  • Looks really killer . Loud always as the best .

  • @teragab13 i’d love to see a picture of this “fertilizer” you received. It’s interesting how half of your product in the last year has been crap and 95% of my product in the last year has been fantastic. The law of averages just doesn’t work out there. Maybe you’re just going through a run of bad luck. Anyway post some pics of this “crap” you received.

  • Received mine yesterday and it's beautiful bud and the smell is amazing.

  • My mammoth. As with everything I’ve gotten from loud couldn't be happier.

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    Recent loud indoor is very enjoyable. Relaxing after a stressful day with not a lot of sleep. My mind is quiet and I'm sitting outside enjoying nature while enjoying the taste. Reminds me of NYC delivery service circa 2008.

    I feel really calm now.

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