ORDER DELAYS? No record of order from the 2nd on informed delivery (no shipping label)

Are others still having issues with orders at moment? I put in an order last week on the 2nd and today is the 10th and there still isn't a shipping label even created which has never happened in the years I've been using service. I've had longer delivery times, but always some record being shown in informed delivery for shipping label at least even if no delivery info- I put in a 2nd order on Wednesday morning this week too that also has no shipping label displayed. I would think it could be the post office but others in discussion forum seem to indicate that informed delivery is working fine for them- I'm a bit concerned now.


  • Don't panic Capn.

    ID normally works for me but on my 2nd shipment from early this week, it was. AWOL for three days. Then it appeared magically within the last 24 hours, only a day away.

    I hope that's all it is: temporary AWOL status. History tells us that that's probably all it is...a hiccup in an otherwise smooth running machine.

  • I'm hoping- thanks for the input bud.

  • Yup..myself becoming a little concerned now as I've yet to have to wait this long for an order. Day 8

  • I put in a order on March 30 th lable was credited on 1st still shows it wonting on packing mail just past nothing again today

  • Med Mama has gotten behind. There's a high volume of orders and everything goes more slowly because of all the precautions we have to take against COVID.

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