Getting some cash from Uncle Sugar

Well, they keep saying that $1200 checks are going out soon, so I was wondering if anyone has special plans for the boost? Pay off bills, buy that something you have put off buying... what?

For sure, I will be ordering a little something something from MM. Maybe a lot more, I dunno. I expect to just sit on the majority of my check and spend it as needs be.

How about you?


  • Part will be for an order, the rest will be vehicle repair and bills.

  • I built up a pretty solid cash emergency fund for times like this over the years so not really pinned for cash right now, so I think my uncle sam money will go towards my long term stock portfolio and rest will go to medman! Premium mimosa is on my buy list!

  • Keep dreaming...

    For most of us it will be June or July before we see a paper check.

    ...and I never get my refund, because of student loans, so a stimulus check is a slim chance (eventhough I pay/file income and property taxes).


  • They will start sending DD 2019 and 2018 below 75000 on 4-15. Gonna get some good from MM. Save some for a cruise when they let em sail again and save a few hunnys for later.

  • We're getting this money in order to keep the bills paid and food on the table for the month.

    Usually this magic money ends up in the pockets of corporations.

    I think there is more money coming our way too!

    Priorities for everyone should be:

    • Food
    • Rent/Mortgage
    • Utilities
    • Car payment

    Screw credit card payments if you can't afford it.

  • As always making sure all the priorities of Life, as well as living is covered. The kids are grown and moving on. My dad days of raising 2 on my own are in a different light. Everyone is well. This home sweet staying home thing has been productive due to using this goodygood medicine is the down time to just get things I have put off , on. The money, as in this question, yes I plan to reinvest , in some capacity as long as this service is offered. MM has always delivered.

  • Come on come on stimulus check. See some people got it already. Damn wonder when mines coming. I use direct deposit. And about midrange income. Heres hoping its soon. Cheers to all that have received.

  • edited April 2020

    Supposedly, the first wave of deposits went out yesterday or today...

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