Vape Virgin...Ish

Hey MedFam!
I’m new to vaping... So. A couple of questions:
1) If I buy 4 refills for $200, may I request in the comments that they actually be two of one kind and two of another kind? For example- (2) Jack Herer + (2) Zkittlez..? Or should those actually be two different orders of two, each at $120?
2) Before refilling a cartridge, what is the best way to warm the oil for an easy, clean refilling? Stick the refill vial in a ziplock bag and immerse in hot water for ten minutes? Roll between hands? Suggestions, please & thank you!😁
Also, I want to take this opp to say, again, that you guys are awesome!!! I’m a total fan and so thankful for you and your mission/business! I ordered my first vape oil ( thc) from you guys a couple of weeks back... and you were so sweet!! You sent me a coney as a little extra gift!! I hadn’t had one of those in close to twenty years!!
Thank you!! Xoxo 😘


  • What's a "coney"?

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    Hey BigLew— it’s just what I’ve always called a conical joint. Normally that shape because you make a cone-shaped filter from thick paper or thin cardboard, place it in the end of the rolling paper, then fill with cannabis, and roll... as you roll it takes on the shape of a cone. At least, I assume thats how you roll it... I’ve never actually rolled one of those... I had buddies & boyfriends who did, though, and I always benefitted from their talents! 😁

  • Thanks for your questions!

    1. The mix and match you're asking about is offered only for flower strains. Not for concentrates, edibles, vapes or RSO.

    2. I use my hands, rolling them together. But I've been told I have warm hands. The warm water trick should work just fine, or the other idea I have is, if you have a gas oven with a pilot light that stays on, you could leave them in there for an hour. Don't turn the oven on!

  • Great! Thanks!

  • Here's another relatively-new-to-vaping question.

    I have an e-Go T battery that I use when I vape. It works OK, but when the cartridge starts getting low, it begins to clog up. By the time the cartridge is almost empty, it is very noticeably clogged, and I have had to toss out what amounts to a couple of days more usage left in them because the hassle makes the experience unfavorable.

    I have used a cartridge that had variable draw adjustments, and basic ones. They all seem to start clogging up about half way through.

    What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

  • Sounds to me like you need to turn up the voltage from the start. The clogging is probably from concentrate which didn't vaporize all the way, and instead got liquified and sucked up through the tube. If you start at a higher temperature/voltage at the beginning of the cartridge, I predict that won't happen.

  • Thanks, MedBoy. I was wondering if that was the case. I see a variable voltage pen offered by Med Mama, I think I will invest, and then let you know.

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