site down

Anyone else having problems . 0515 site down


  • I can only get on forum. Maybe they are doing some work on the site??

  • That's what am thinking to . Have a good eater friend

  • Easter I ment

  • Site back up ,very limited selection .

  • Medman said in a different discussion that they will be adding on another shipper. When I first started using this site there were 3 shippers. More choices is good!!!

  • Sites back up. No changes.

  • @LIT you have been a long time customer too, I was just thinking the same thing!

  • edited April 2020

    Their site seems to be up but they're offering VERY few strains. Makes you wonder if all the stimulus money going out is prompting them to hold back product till their discount offer is up. Or did they simply run out DUE to the discount? Either way, all I know is I've got the bucks but not much at all to spend it on. 😞

  • We had a glitch with the site but we fixed it. The thin menu is really because there has been a high volume of orders this past month and it's difficult to get new strains in because of the virus. But Loud will have some new strains posted over the next 1-2 days.

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