Bringing back products

So, I know this has probably been brought up before, but is it possible for the "retired" shippers items to be put back in stock? I.e. some of the bud, wax, and edibles(bath bombs specifically, gotta get some nice presents ya know)? I know I can't be the only one missing certain stock they had, as every shipper seems to have unique ties to different things. Could maybe split up certain things between the two remaining shippers. Just an idea though, at the very least my request now is bath bombs coming back as I wouldn't mind getting it as a gift.


  • I’m worried about the drop in selection. Are they going out of business or just waiting to reup? MedMama is my favorite.

  • Sorry but that stuff isn't coming back. I'll tell our other two shippers that you're looking for more selection!

  • So there is no chance of getting any sort of products along the lines of that? Just looking to get a nice gift like my s/o.

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