Just waiting on the restock..ready to pounce.


  • Hi was finally ready to pounce on the last good selection batch on the 4th and informed still just said wating on package today is 10day first time I had this problem in years with mm well good luck on your pounce

  • For what it’s worth the Mothers Milk OG and Mimosa (if the site is accurate with inventory) are excellent strains!

  • XJ-13 is good, too. Very different, though. It wakes you up.

  • Thanks for the luck. My last order was the longest wait time ever but I understand this virus is slowing things down. I've had the flower options that are available, also indica is what I'm after. Currently enjoying Dolato & FL indoor

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    Tried mimosa, love it. But one thing that I'm not overjoyed about is the smell...I am at a lack of words to describe it also. It's not horrible, just not appetizing, and smells way different than anything else I've gotten. Even made the glass container stink lol.

    I want to try xj-13 and mm og, but I'm trying to hold out for new strains, tempting though but limited on resources.

    I'm hoping for new ones to be added soon, but I figure my impatience will most likely get the best of me before then lol.

  • Then there was only 1. Premium mimosa.

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  • This round of mimosa definitely has a funky cheese smell to it..high is nice..my first order with MM was mimosa..some of the best I’ve had..smelt like citrusy fruit punch!

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    @superman38NC I noticed the funky smell from it also, from the description, I expected a slightly different smell lol. I 100% agree the high is nice.

    I haven't been a mm customer for very long, but this is the lowest I've seen the flower page. Hopefully some new ones come out soon!

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    Ok waiting on MM and shippers to reup. Soon as they do. Will pull trigger. The mimosa just does not speak to me. Hope its before 420. If i remember correctly last year for 420 they ran low as well.

  • And its gone..... No more thc flower. Just the 1 to 1 and 10 to 1 cbd from Mama left

  • Just awaiting.... Keeping faith.

  • Loud will have new strains posted in the next 1-2 days. Sorry for the wait...

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