Switch to Raw for pre rolls?

I’m writing this while puffing on a freebie of “DJ Blueberry” and all though the flavor is great, I think switching to Raw cones would significantly increase the purchases of the pre rolls, as they don’t seem to be too popular. Most wholesale pre roll cones leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth, does that happen to anyone else?


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    RAW is essential for rolling. Or natural hemp papers. Everything else tastes like..paper.

    No complaints so far for MM papers from me..

  • I think the pre-rolls will only be popular with a certain type of customer, not a connoisseur, either.

    I confess to smoking rice paper Zig Zags. It's like comfort food.

  • Smoking joints seems like such a waste to me. I smoke too much and too much burns without me smoking it.

  • I've tried other methods but don't like them. I have a wide variety of pipes but I always get stuff in my mouth. Or lungs. Probably doing it wrong. Also, the cleaning and maintenance. I don't like equipment, I guess, at least for smoking cannabis. I like the idea of pipes, though.

    My parents played woodwind instruments and had Zig-zags, in the white package, for cleaning the moisture out of mouthpieces and keys. My first smoking experiences were hand-rolled joints, in rolling papers stolen from their instrument cases...

    I only smoke part of each joint. I throw the rest, with the resinous rolling papers, into some super-high proof ethanol. About once a month I convert the old joints, and bud I don't like, into oil.

    Back to RAW, though--it's one of my favorites because it seems the least likely to contaminate my oils. Still like my Zig-zags, though...

  • I'm with @Sixwaychili on this one. A good chunk of the bud in joints ends up just being a burnt offering to the weed gods, while the rest you get to inhale and enjoy. When I smoke my pipe or bong, 90% of the smoke goes right into my lungs where it belongs.
    Cleaning my pipes and bongs feels more like a ritual than a chore. I'm a gun nut and feel the same way about cleaning my firearms, there's something zen-like about it.
    And absolutely NO ONE should smoke blunts unless they like the idea of emphysema and eventually lung cancer, just my two cents.

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    I'm a glass/pipe/bong/vape person. Never use cigar wraps/blunts🤢😷. RAW papers for socializing, which is rare..and now non-existent during these times.

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    I just got a new glass pipe that does not require screens. Anything that falls through falls into a chamber that I am not sucking into my mouth. Really easy to clean in alcohol about once a week or so. I freaking hate screens that are always either clogging or ripping.

  • old school pipe man here- my metal pipe is carburated (that is, shotgun) so that I can add more air to every hit... yes you will have to change / clean your steel screens..
    Surprised that no one has mentioned that you just cut one joint into sections and pack your bowl with the sectioned joint - you can get at least 3 packed bowls per joint ... not worried about smoking a pipe because I did not use cannabis use at all for 32 years.... practice safe cannabis usage...

  • Such great feedback, I’m actually a bong man myself, pipes have always irritated my throat, probably because they were cheap wholesale glass, but I’ll never turn down a joint!

  • Yes, RAW!

    I like it RAW!

    Give it to me RAW!

    Sorry, Gainesville, Florida resident... the original origin of RAW!

    Go Gators!

    P.s. don't buy cones. Learn how to roll a proper joint. Ugh...newbs.

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    @georgetirebiter - I like the rice papers too. BTW: a standard pack of orange Zig-Zag's goes for $3 bucks here in Texas.

    @agingboomerfl - I have a homemade pipe made from cherrywood. Basically a rectangular shaped block of wood with holes drilled into it. had it for years, it is very much seasoned. I also cut up my pre-rolls when I order them and do the same thing.

    I do not like the cones. They may be much easier to load, but they waste a lot of smoke. When I have used them, I feel like I am smoking a cigarette more than I am toking on a joint. I like holding that tiny roach, pinching it while I toke that last couple of tokes, hoping I don't inhale it at the end.

    (thinking of the image of Tommy Chong finding a roach, lighting it and then inhaling it by accident in the movie "Up In Smoke")

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