Vapes vs Flower

Really want to like vapes the convenience of them is so appealing. But every vape I have tried just doesn’t get me high like flower. It’s missing something, and the low level buzz I get last maybe an hour. Flower gives me a completely different high and lasts much longer. I am a daily smoker and have a high tolerance. Anyone else have the same thing?


  • And when I say vape I meant vape cartridges.

  • Yes most vapes i have tried are missing something. Other cannabinoids or terps or something is missing imho. Kinda like making grandma's lasagna. Tastes good but not the same

  • Same here. They make me sneeze also

  • It may be my unadjustable voltage vape pen, but I cough so hard on vapes and my lungs hurt for a day after I use it.

  • Flower is my preferred choice. I do like the carts for when I need to stay inconspicuous.

    The carts do lack that ... satisfaction... I get when I smoke it. You are right in thinking that they are missing something, everyone I have ever talked to about it has said the same thing.

    Which is why I stay old school for the most part. I will confess to vaping on federal property, that is when a vape pen and cart comes in handy.

  • I would agree, the vapes come on strong after a while and then are gone. It doesn't seem to last me as long as flower does.

    100% agree on the inconspicuous part, I can be in my living room and don't have to worry about smells.

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