I haven't checked main site in a week or so but what the hell happened? There was more strains than ever and now hardly anything. Hope its website error or something, got my anxiety through the roof as I knew I should have stocked up. Sorry if there are already posts about this, I'll look later gotta go for a run or something.


  • Not an error. The 20 percent off everyone being home and 420 coming up gobbled up all inventory. Waiting myself to make another as of now

  • @SpongePail is right. Sales volume has been very high this past month with the discount. But making matters much worse is the fact that it's very difficult for our shippers to get new inventory in because of the virus. But Loud just got new strains in so those should be posted over the next 1-2 days.

  • One thing I can say that what I have received I have no complaint. As in every case, there are going to be personal fav's but if folks research the strains available at that particular time then I feel pretty confident in saying they won't be disappointed.

  • Supply and demand plus the 4/20 holiday = bananas

  • I was lucky to get an order in when the site was down to 2 strains, the weed gods have smiled down upon me. Now I play the waiting game. Let's hope USPS doesn't fallout before we all get our packages :neutral:

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