Any recommendations for getting nice glass pipes online?

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I'm looking for affordable, not pieces of art if you know what I mean. I highly prefer the screenless bowls that have a chamber within a chamber so you don't get any ash in your mouth.

I want to buy about 4 of them, one for each strain I try to keep on hand.


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    You can get a nice grav steamroller glass for like 20 or so. Its screenless. Have one works well.

  • or .com. Im not sure. You can buy a mystery bag for 7.95 or 8.95 and they will send some nice glass. The glass ive gotten there had always been realllly nice, double blown and thick. They have a facebook group too. Freepipefriday. You have the option to add pieces to your mystery bag too. Theres also free pipe frenzy on FB but I believe you have to be added by a friend. The quality there is pretty cheap tho. They do get some interesting pieces for sure but the typical spoon pipes are just cheap glass.

  • Thanks @GoldenNugget. I'll check it out.

  • I didn't know there was such a thing as pipes with a chamber within a chamber. Closest thing I can think of that sounds similar is bubblers which has an upper chamber for smoke and a lower chamber for water:


  • The terminology of glass within glass would be an Ash catcher, right?

  • @MikeyC that's exactly what I've been trying to find, thanks so much! That is correct! I just broke my last one by poking holes too hard.

  • Happy to help! My bro in laws zob bubbler was amazing when he had it.

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    I ended up getting a silicone pipe from amazon that you can just buy replacement bowls for when I break them along with a nice little bong from for a steal because of their 420 sale. Only $34 shipped. Supposedly it's normally $90. Thanks for all the help guys!

  • Most of the good glass is sold on instagram these days.

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