Google Wallet

I use Coinmama for MM purchases. Recently I made the mistake of storing my debit card info with Google Wallet. It made my purchases work like Amazon. Five minutes tops, including a couple security checks.

Seems that was a bad idea. Three charges, $1100. I caught it immediately (pinged with a fraud alert) and the charges still somehow went through. To Best Buy. How does that happen?


  • (I guess that's a stupid question, read a different way...I know how this happens...I used Google Wallet! What I does Best Buy accept a purchase without the CVI or a signature or a PIN? And why should such a purchase require a 2-10 business day hold on my funds?)

  • That is odd. Were the purchases made online or in store? Google Wallet doesn't store your CVI so they must have gotten your info somewhere else. Keyloggers are having a field day right now. Who do you bank with?

  • Did you contact Best Buy?

  • I contacted my Bank, Key. They canceled the card and have been reinstating my funds over the past couple days. It's getting handled, just slowly--for two days, I lost all my checking account funds!

  • Dang George that stinks! As if dealing with our current world stuff isn’t enough..people I tell ya..glad your getting it back!

  • Thanks! The timing wasn't too horrible. I got back enough to make a nice order (but no more).

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