Loud shipping time

Last time took 8 days to get package hopefully this time back usual 5 days or so...last package got sub by med mama hopefully my head band didnt get sub



  • Make sure you put no substitutions

  • I really hope it doesn't take that long as I placed my order with them yesterday.

  • Ok thanks I didnt know that I got grass hopper last a sative when I ordered jaeger seems like sativa last me half as long ad indica probally indica is always more potent in my opinion

  • I’d be patient. I Put in an order with Loud at end of last week. Label not made yet. Last order it was made on same day. I’m thinking they got slammed with orders for 420. The strains disappeared QUICK..

  • @Theboyua, have you gotten any notification from ID from your order from Loud? I order from them and haven't gotten any notification as for the label been made. Usually here in Texas my ID has been working spot on and I haven't seen anything as far as a label made or anything.

  • I’ve had a shipping label be created for 3 days, and I ordered on 4/17, I’m running very low, so I pray that it arrives in the next day or so.

  • I ordered from loud last Friday and received it on Wed to my P.O. Box I think I am going to ride this P.O. Box for a while they have all tracked perfectly

  • Damn, I ordered last Friday and just yesterday had a label created. Trying to be patient but it’s hard when people receive it before you that ordered after you.

  • I put a order in yesterday morning, have no label created yet. hopefully I get it in fast want to try that MAC

  • Had a reorder label made on Monday rec'd on Thurs from loud. Chem dawg straght 🔥

  • Not a real loud smell the high is very up Racey really nice flowers one was 4 grams

  • Glad for you. But I don’t get their shipping methods. I ordered last Friday morning. Label created Wednesday night hasn’t done anything since. Makes no sense. I know, be patient.

  • I also ordered last Friday @Theboyua, and my shipping label was created on Tuesday, but nothing since then, you’re not alone man, let’s hope our packages come today

  • I’m in the same boat as @liarliar03 , surprisingly will be getting MM wax BEFORE Loud’s bud. Usually it is the other way around with the exception of the past order where they arrived together.

  • Don't worry @ 14 days contact mb If it hasn't arrived .That was from a order I didn't not rec'd went 19 days on it ..then reship was 4 days I have been with them since 2013 I promise you will get ur oder they are very honest. and USPS has alot to do with it even my eBay items are arriving very late

  • I am in the same boat! I haven't seen anything on ID not even a label created yet. I just wish that they let us know if is the they are out of stock or what is going on. Is really hard with PTSD to just be patient.

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    @liarliar03 10 glad to have someone in my boat! I have a label created, I’d just like to see that sucker moving. Have you ever had yours arrive with a label created and then no more scans? I know some people in here have said that’s happened to them but it’s never happened to me.

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    yep, happened on my last order from a couple of weeks ago. showed label created on a Thurs. Then on saturday it showed out for delivery with no other scan info in between.

  • Well I didn’t get an out for delivery scan this morning but maybe tomorrow.

  • @Theboyua mine says it’s arriving Monday the 27th

  • @liarliar03 same here friend! Just got the update

  • ID never has worked for me on mm stuff, but no biggie. I did get a package today I'll open when I get home tonight.

  • ID has always been pretty spot on for me. Strange how it’s so inconsistent, it works great for some people and like shit for some people.

  • Yeah really makes me wonder why that is though. ID hasn't even really worked for any mail headed my way except for mostly junk mail and one subscription box I get.

  • I received 2 shipping labels which im assuming is for loud and co. Would they ship both strains separately? i ordered 1/8th of california orange and 1/8th of wedding cake and now i see 2 shipping labels

  • @maryjanelover11 i have no idea what is going on but this is crazy. I’ve lost so much money trying to get a reputable source. So I am discourage with how things have gone. I see people who order the same day and after who have gotten their order and mine are just MIA. My ID has been working spot on for everything else so am not understanding what is going on.

  • @maryjanelover11 It could be they needed to regenerate your label for whatever reason, it would show up as 2 separate packages and you'll only see one move. Well, hopefully anyway. I've also got a Loud order in that's been sitting in pre-ship for 3 days, got my fingers crossed with everyone else.

  • @klaasje115 @mpou10 Im thinking of doing a small medmama order as I wait for the loud n co

  • @maryjanelover11 you should, I am happy to report that I just received the package from Loud and it looks awesome! Cant wait to try it!

  • @mpou10 nice to hear man thats awesome. Was the informed delivery working ?

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