Loud shipping time



  • @maryjanelover11 not at all! So it is not reliable all of the time.

  • @mpou10 for my order from medmama it worked well. For my loudnco order its just showing shipping label made on the 28th, nothing since then

  • I ordered Loud&co Tuesday night. Preshipment Label was created Wednesday night 4/29.

  • Cant get informed. But have one from loud on the 18th and one from mama from the 24th. Hopefully one comes today or tomorrow. Just ran out last night.

  • @SpongePail it will get there at least the one from Loud!

  • I have no doubts it will come. Been with medman for a minute. Just wishing beyond hope 1 of em shows up today. Rough day, car blew a sensor first thing this am. Ubering the next few days had to order part. Part comes friday my help cant make it till saturday Yeah love spending 100 cash for stupid cheaply made parts. But stupid car wont run without it. Stupid onboard computer.

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    Whooo hoooo it was a tie. Both loud and mama came in. After the day i had the ganja gods have smiled.

  • @SpongePail enjoy!! I got 2 orders coming in as well, one from medmama and one from loudnco. has anyone tried OG smalls from medmama ?

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    @maryjanelover11 I ordered an 1/8 of that with a 1/2 of SLH. Excited to try them both!

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