Is hemp cbd of today possibly gmo

Food for thought here most hemp and cbd flower is .3 less of thc how do they get these levels I firmly belive hemp has always had at least 1 -3 thc in it..I honestly belive hemp cbd is a gmo product in my opinion the government wouldn't legally let you have the real thing they give you there version. 3 or less of thc...I dont see the benefit of having 20 % CBS with .3 thc theres no therapeutic value in my opinion...any ways I'll stick with thc strains hemp really doesnt do any thing for me other than slightest head change with no psychoactive...thc motivates me to do shit and work hard like 8 hour out sun building things..also I belive legal weed is being sprayed with heavy chemicals that government require for pest ect...thank god for medman I'll always support local guy over the gmo government weed...god bless stay safe out there


  • That limit was set because there were certain strains that had already been bred to produce such low levels of THC and so the regulators set that limit to force farmers to use those strains. They aren't GMO but they are highly hybridized.

  • Makes sense after like three generations of highly breeding probably...

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