Dealing with the naysayers

If you told someone you could buy weed online, you're likely to be told you'll either get caught, or that it's just stupid, or you could be scammed. All that is well within possibility, though very unlikely which makes the reward highly outweigh the risk. I used to get buds mailed from Canada back in the mid 2000s so I'm no stranger to these services and I understand totally the paranoia that comes with it.

So I asked my good buddy to throw in on an order. Ironically he works for the post office too! Lol.

He came to my house with the money ready to go....but then he asked where I was getting it from. He knew of the site, and I told him online and then immediately he says "no I'm not doing it!" and received a lecture.

I just wanted to punch him in the face because he fucked everything up, but I just said "ok". His loss, but I just didn't understand his reasoning. I mean, all he had to do was give me his cash. Not like he was the one placing an order or that his cash would be traceable lol. He's fucking weird sometimes. Bunch of nonsense but I appreciate him looking out for me obviously.

Anyone else have to deal with a naysayer when you revealed the service to others??

I'm going to be placing an order very soon and I am so thankful this service exists. Thanks guys! Mail order marijuana is back baby!


  • lol who gives a shit dude... place the order and then laugh at him when u have shatter and he doesnt... and def dont let him smoke it either! hahaha

  • In my experience, some folks will never want to take the risk no matter what I tell them. And there is some risk involved, I admit. Not of getting arrested, but there is a very small risk that the package may not arrive.

  • my sample arrived yesterday and im super impressed, u have a new customer for life @medboy , thanks so much for everything you make possible!

  • Cannot wait to place my first real order, I will be getting some diamondsssssssss and some citrus kush live resin!! so stoked!

  • I’m dealing with this right now!

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