Have any of you received your shipment through USPS and been asked to sign for the package? If so, did you sign for it? What was the outcome?


  • Very rarely, USPS will ask for a signature. We deliberately choose a shipping option that avoids the need for signatures, but every once in a while you may be asked for one. If that happens, it's safe to sign for the package.

    Let me know if you have other questions!

  • If I order let say, 9 or 10 am your time, will that order be shipped out that day? Or the next business day? Thanks for all that you do!

  • The next day. It needs to be early in the morning!

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    Don't count on a perfect delivery. My order, according to Informed Delivery, made two circles before finally entering the system to be delivered.

    I ordered very early on the 12th. The shipping label was generated the next afternoon, the 13th. The package arrived in a different city with the notification "Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending" on the evening of the 14th.

    On the 17th, today, the package was again accepted into the system back at the original city the label was generated, then sent to the second city again where it shows it arrived at "2:19 p.m." with an expected arrival time here by the 20th.

    This only seems to happen when I am out and waiting for the order. The fires out there slowed delivery down a little, a few months ago, as well.

  • Would early in the morning be considered 4am or before? I ordered Friday the 14th, it wouldve been 8:45ish Pacific time. It has typically taken 4 business days anytime previously. I was just curious to see whether or not itd be possible to have the package show up today, which may be the case if it shipped Friday. But, if not its all good, I know MM always delivers. ;)

  • I ordered on the 12th too. Got signed up for informed delivery. But I'm not seeing anything coming my way

  • @StoneyMahoney - If you entered your 9 digit zip code, you should be able to see it headed to you. Maybe if you signed up after you placed your order, it wont be seen. ID shows me everything headed to me using the 9 digit zip code: junk mail, bills, and good news from the west coast.

  • Thanks. I'll try that

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    It has always been right at 4 days shipping coast to coast 😊

  • We try to be that reliable, but it's very hard to maintain. Sometimes we get behind, sorry...

  • Totally understandable! Thanks for all you do!

  • Do they send you an email when it has been shipped? Or do they ship when you get the payment confirmation email?
    New to this. Searched the site but did not find the answer.
    Thank you

  • Thanks for your question. The packages ship shortly after the payment confirmation email. There will be no separate email for shipment.

  • Thank you MM

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