New price structure...

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Why does Medmama's indoor start at $55 an 1/8th and $150 a 1/2oz.... but premium is $50 an 1/8th and $170 a 1/2oz.... is this a pricing error?

And where are the outdoor strains and smalls? I need a discount on the discount...


  • I also want some new outdoor strains, same quality, just less expensive!

  • Hmmm yeah something doesn’t seem right with the prices. Mistake?

  • Shhhhhhhh

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  • Yea! I'm not the only one scratching my head?!

  • Again, let’s just shhhhhhh 😂

  • Don’t ask, don’t tell😂

  • Yep that was a pricing error. Will be fixed soon so better get that deal fast! ;-)

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    Just awesome..

  • I do hope that all the new premiums are just as premium as always and not just a way around price reductions..

  • Sixwaychili: our shippers are under strict orders to mark things appropriately so please let us know if something labeled premium is not up to standards!

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    @medman what do you base it off of for an indoor strain to become “premium”? The indoor Chemdawg from loud a little while back definitely had more trichomes fall off while grinding and in my opinion was more potent than the premium Birthday Cake Kush from Med Mama (I absolutely am not trying to complain), it’s still amazing flower, I just don’t see what’s so premium about it.

  • Liar: it's the shippers decision whether to label premium. In a lot of cases they paid more for it. Although they get a little more they also know that there rep is on the line and of course they hear from me if too many complaints!

  • @liarliar03, I believe you're talking about Birthday Cake Kush from Loud, not MedMama.

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