Loud's Northern Lights #5

I shared this flower with my partner last night and she said, "this tastes like shit!" To be clear: Lately we smoke a lot of fruity and flowery weed; maybe this one surprised her. To me it tasted like good cannabis!

This herb deserves a great review. Perhaps it can happen in the comments section? I'm too high to write.

Note to self: Not a daytime strain...also, it slips upon 'ya. Careful alert!

In conclusion, this is another A+ product from Loud.


  • Nothing quite like Northern Lights, might be one of the only strains out there that is truly pure indica

  • You had me at tastes like shit!

  • @liarliar03, anything like it on the current menu? Purple Kush?

  • @georgetirebiter Grape Ape looks like it certainly would not disappoint, it’s got a don’t wake and bake with it warning in the description, I might actually have to order some of this🤔

  • @liarliar03 I like Grape Ape very much. I still have some of the Premium. Talk about sweet dreams...

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    Northern Lights is one of the all time favorites for decades. It has the classic herb taste, nothing too fancy. It does the job everytime being an insomniac. Nightly toke.

    Purple Kush should be similar. I wish Grape Ape worked for me. I've had its' authentic genetics several times and I've always had to smoke ALOT. I did ask for a sample of Grape Ape just to give it another try..again. Maybe I've had "weak" batches..

  • I’m hoping to receive Grape Ape in my first ever bud sample pack from Loud..definitely excited to try it now 😀

    In regards to sleep I recently received a sample of the Gelato from MM..two nights in a row this has nestled me right to sleep..unfortunately if your not expecting it you may find yourself waking up on the couch at 2 am like 🥴..anyone else experience this with Gelato?

  • @superman38NC, I don't fall asleep on the couch anymore...one of the many benefits of quitting drinking.

  • That’s awesome George..I also prefer herb over drink any day! Alcohol almost always makes me very sleepy minus an occasional top shelf margarita..sometimes the edibles can have an intoxicating feel to it..

  • @superman38NC I think you'll enjoy the Grape Ape. I have found it to be much more sedating than Gelato, although they both offer very similar mental relaxation and comfort. I stopped drinking last year...although I really had tapered off over the past 5 or so years. Not worth the money anymore. We do enjoy edibles on occasion.

  • That indoor Grape Ape is immense. Up for most intensely sweetly, fruity, and wonderful aroma of any cannabis I've ever smelled. The premium version was good, but this might be even better.

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    @georgetirebiter i just received Grape Ape today. I have never had it before and cannot believe the smell it’s amazing! Just started sampling so to soon to comment.

  • @JoAnna, Please post a review when you can!

  • Dam.... @georgetirebiter I really wish I would’ve tried this strain... I’m a fan of heavy indica bud 😤😖

  • Brought this one back out of the library. Looks and smells way better than when I first got it. So damn heavy. May just taste like "good cannabis" but it's still an all-time favorite.

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    @MizterNiceGuy can't wait to try it i have a quarter coming in

  • @maryjanelover11 Did NL#5 hit the menu again recently? I've already missed it once! I don't want to miss it again!

    That was my favorite back in the day, my friend would hook me up every year for my birthday. Another friend had some a while back but it wasn't like I remembered so I wasn't convinced it was the same.

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    @Jdtokes no. You didn't miss it again. I'm waiting on the next batch as well. This batch is from a few months ago. Saving my 5g

    @maryjanelover11 you can't still be waiting on a NL order, are you?

  • @MizterNiceGuy Ok sweet. I was pretty bummed the first time I missed it. I swear it sold out in an hour or two.

  • @MizterNiceGuy @Jdtokes my bad i was talking about the grape ape

  • @maryjanelover11 Ah ok haha. I need an alarm to go off on my phone when they update the menus! I was bummed to no end when I missed it the last time. I think that's the fasted I've seen a strain sell out other than fruit loops.

  • Seriously, I think NL sold out within about an hour, or two. Even fruit loops didn’t sell that quickly, or if it did, they had more on stock lol.

  • Space queen went fast too right? Thats crazy I didnt know they posted NL and it went THAT fast!

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