I have a lot going on. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease, Fibromyalgia, anxiety and Depression.
Anyone with these things or similar and found something that helps well? I do not want anything that will knock me out. I want the pains to go away.



  • While I can’t particularly say anything for the first 3, I can say for a fact that GSC(and most strains that have its genes) is very great for anxiety and depression for me personally. I was having panic attacks every day for quite some time, and had to quit smoking as it seemed to be a trigger. I finally ordered some GSC & BSC and they both didn’t trigger any anxiety, and were very smooth buzzes really.

  • Thanks

    I am new to these names.
    What is GSC and BSC stand for?

  • Girl Scout Cookies and Boy Scout Cookies!

  • Oooh thanks!

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