Interesting Info About USPS Handling of Packages Containing Herb.

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Not posting this to scare anyone, but since my most recent order is MIA and others have had some weird delivery anomalies, just want to share some interesting info about what the USPS Inspector General is up to regarding packages containing herb:

Again, not trying to spark fear in anyone, and I know that the MM crew are very good with security and as far as I know, have never had any problems with intercepted deliveries, etc.

But if anyone has had experience with controlled delivery attempts or anything related to this, please feel free to share your knowledge with the community :)


  • USPS OIG report on Mail Recovery Center audit . 30

  • MRC receive 100 million pieces of undeliverable mail each year,process 15 million pieces then deliver just 5 million pieces
    the 95 million that can't be delivered is either destroyed or sold at auction . 30

  • @TheCaptain mm know what they are doing I've never smelled even the smallest hint of weed from any package. Your package is most likely not seized. i just said that because its a small possibility. Medicine man has been around since 2013... they have experience and know what they are doing. The USPS needs a warrant signed by a judge to open any package. even in this state i live where weed is not even available for medical use, i cant see the cops wasting their time trying to check packages.

  • I cant wait for my package to arrive. I hope loudnco will still have master kush by the time i make an order hopefully tomorrow (if my package arrives)

  • Postal Inspectors are the bane of my existence ! 30

  • @maryjanelover11 I agree with you. I don't think they would go through that trouble, and totally agree that the MM crew know what's up. I have never had any hints on my previous orders either.

  • @TheCaptain the package it so well that even when I take the bud out that big silver package it comes in i still don't smell anything. I only start to smell some weed essence when I break open the first vacuum pack. There is no way a human is sniffing that. Im not sure about the dog but do they even have dogs sniffing for domestic packages ?

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    @maryjanelover11 according to the 2nd article I posted, yes. Since it was a court case, they detailed the whole process of how things are sorted, flagged, etc. About 1/4 - 1/3 down the article is where they start that part.

    And my experience with the smell is the same as yours; don't even notice anything until I break open the 1st pack.

  • My uncle is a postman been one for decades. He has delivered many in his day. If he smells it and sometimes he said his whole truck reeks from 1 package he just offhandley says they need to package your shipments better and then laughs as he carries on. He personally does not care and delivers them. I know its just 1 example but i think the vast majority give no shits about weed in mail.

  • And mm packages are not detectable. No smell until after foil bag and first bag are breached

  • Fear is more contagious than Covid as more common than common sense.

  • @MikeyC well said. we have nothing to fear but fear itself

  • @MikeyC not trying to insight fear at all. just thought it would be interesting how they approach things in 2020

  • From my understanding, the Post Office needs a warrant for certain packages only. This does not apply to private carriers.

    Unless your post man is a big bad snoop or out to get you, you are fine ordering mail order weed from professional services. They need a reason to halt delivery and investigate your package. In the case of weed, it's probably smell which gives it away. If the postman becomes suspicious of the return address, or anything else, then there's probably not much they can do. Is the investigation worth the effort??

    It's a chain of command, so they actually have to do work.

    Maybe at the big mail distribution centers, they use dogs so that's like their first line of defense, then it's just up to individual discretion.

    The problems would come from the federal level, but the Feds probably don't care about MedMan or else he would've been put out of business awhile ago.

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    Can we change the subject ,please? 30

  • @greatspirit trust me the feds no longer care about marijuana. Only if it involves other drugs too like cocaine or meth. Mark my words weed will be legalized on a federal level in America sooner than any of us think. Alcohol is actually way more dangerous. Prohibition did nothing to stop its sale. Weed is next in line. making it a schedule one drug is absolutely insane. Its an older mentality. That opening scene from pineapple express is not far fetched.

  • @BigOtis im drunk out my mind and to be honest it sucks. drinking is only fun if weed is involved

  • @TheCaptain not trying to single you out. Just trying to offer a counter. There will always be methods of obtaining what we need from a market.

  • @MikeyC You are absolutely right my friend :) and no offense taken at all.

  • We have seen packages seized in the past but I'm proud to report that it's very rare for us. The much bigger problem we're having now is slow deliveries due to COVID. So if your package is late, no need to panic!

  • @medboy thanks for letting us know that! Glad you to hear it’s rare :)

  • I had a package seized by customs once. It was a butt-load of pills coming from Pakistan...

    customs sent me a letter that said my order did not contain proper documents to be imported... and I had 30 days to provide import documents or the order would be destroyed. I never responded to the customs letter... but I did forward a copy to the shipper and they reshipped my order.

    I don't see why anyone would waste their time prosecuting for a little weed when pounds and pounds of fetnayl pour in through international mail.

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