Which Strain currently Available would you guys say is the best for knocking your ass out at night?


  • I haven’t tried it personally, but the Watermelon Kush from MM sounds promising

  • For me it would have to be something “pure” indica, which they seem to have run out of at the moment in flower.

    Grape ape and purple kush were recent but i think they’re gone.

  • speaking of knocking out i wonder if they will ever have any mike tyson strains in at some point

  • Master Kush, maybe? Orange Creamsicle has very indica-looking buds but I haven't tried it yet. GG#4 is peaceful and calming, strong.

  • Man. The sundae driver will drive your ass to sleep.. no joke. Been smoking it for like 2 weeks now. Still gets me loaded before I’m ready to pass out.

  • @georgetirebiter I don't think you'll find that with the Orange Creamsicle. It's a 60/40 Sativa that gives me some of that physical sativa buzz and energy without overwhelming cerebral effects. An enjoyable smoke, I've only smoked it a couple of times, but I do need to manage my dosage. Definitely not sedating. I know that it's no longer on the menu, but the Pure OG is still knocking me out at bedtime.

  • Yea, GG4 last night. It eventually led me into a pretty good sleep. I think I’m gonna try the watermelon Kush and the master Kush on the current menu and see which one works best. I’ve tried all kinds of strains, I’m experienced, lol, I was just looking for your guys opinion? I need Sundae Driver to come back. I missed it.

  • @TheProfessor, good point. I retract that one. Still waiting on a bud sample of Orange Creamsickle. I guess Watermelon Kush would do the trick, though.

  • Wedding Cake is a very good strain for me at night or when I want to be couch locked !

  • I just ordered more Death Star. When I wake up at 11:15pm and the last thing I remember is 6pm, that'll do it for me. Lol But I haven't tried many of the others.

  • I think Death Star is really nice. Could be one of my top 3 on the current menu.

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    I love the death star but it doesn’t really put me in a coma. I kind of think it’s a little mid rangey..

    I wonder if we get new strains this week? I got a couple hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket

  • Yep bunch of good stuff going on the board very soon including the much asked for trim!

  • @medman I recently inquired via the contact form, unfortunately to no response, damn email. I forgot to request something in the comments! Just wanted to get a definitive answer if possible, as that way I can be expecting, and not just hoping!

  • The watermelon Kush puts me to sleep

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