Shatter add-on & sampler question

So, I know for the sampler, we can choose one premium. What are the rules as far as the add-on goes? Can I request a half gram of diamonds(or other premiums really) from MedMama, or will that be a waste trying?


  • I don’t know the rules but that would be cool and I’m assuming you’re talking about the $40 ad on.

  • @Theboyua Yes, the $30, and $55, add-on is the one being referred to. I feel for $30/half gram sample is fair enough for diamonds, however I do not know seeing as they are the more expensive concentrate. Legal, or not. It’ll be interesting to see what @medman and @medboy make of these new opportunities with extra products for sale.

  • I'm curious if you can do the 2 gram add on and have 2 different strains too.

  • I’m sure they’ll have an update on the rule page soon. Especially if we keep the questions coming, that way it’s less hassle for them down the road.

  • The description now reads: "Add one or two 1/2 grams of any kind of shatter." So that includes Premium!

  • Awesome! Thank you guys so much for the new opportunity, will be able to try a very wide range of items now.

  • I totally ordered and just forgot I could do that. Oh well- next time!

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