BlueBerry Muffin is incredible (with pictures)



  • Looks like a great weekend for most of us!

  • I am going to be fried all weekend @MizterNiceGuy . Hopefully I wont have to do anything outside haha. I wish the buffets near me were open :disappointed:

  • @MizterNiceGuy my ID just got updated ! expected delivery is friday !!

  • Good times await! Blueberry Muffin/Watermelon Friday!! Maybe it'll come a day early like my last.
    Possibly things are slowly going back to normal @maryjanelover11.
    Buffets can't open up fast enough for me @theunleet

  • Mine was a day early last time as well. I.D. randomly updated and said it was out for delivery. Cross my fingers this time.

  • @MizterNiceGuy Out for delivery??? Hell yeah!

  • Just made an order for a quarter of grape ape and a quarter of pink grapefruit kush !! hopefully they will ship it by tomorrow (friday)

  • I really have to use all of what I got... I guess I went full on kid in candy store... Still have a couple I haven't opened... And so many choices... 😂

  • @Lola2012 I would do the same, if i had the money. I just checked my coinmama account after that last order i just made. So far, since the first order i ever made (april 21st, 2020) i've already spent 765 dollars on this site including the order i just made, which is nuts because it's only been a month. Buying an ounce or more at a time would have saved me a lot more money but this state isn't playing games. Anything over a half ounce is a felony here. That's why the max im doing is a half o at a time. Plus the more i buy at once the faster i'll smoke it thinking I have so much then boom its all smoked. I really need to slow down and start conserving weed. I've had similar issues in the past with over spending but now its even worse because there is nothing to do. I wake up, smoke, workout, smoke again, eat, smoke again, work out again, then smoke again. Smoke then pass out, wake up repeat the cycle. It's getting bad. My savings are suffering lol. I wish I could invest in kush. Also coinmama buying fees are getting worse and worse. On this last order I had to pay 12 dollars in fees alone... on a 195$ dollar order.. Smh times are getting hard. Not to mention most of my savings is in another currency which has absolutely lost its value as of late. Im losing money just sitting here. Those 2 months i spent without a single crumb of kush was important tho. It showed me if shit gets really bad I can go without weed for a while. Hopefully won't have to again tho, life with weed is so much better.

  • master kush came in. Smells amazing. Absolutely beautiful nugs. Uploading its own review with pics later on.

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    @maryjanelover11 Master is🔥🤯. You'll love it. I got the Blueberry muffins in. AMAZING. Long lasting, hourly effects.

    Of course it's gone now. Now that I know it's awesome. Seems to happen alot when I find a new strain I like.

  • @MizterNiceGuy a lot of people bought bb muffin some even bought zips of it thats why its gone now. next time. This master is so good tho wow!!! im about to post the pics

  • @maryjanelover11 do you use concentrates at all? I switch between flower and oil and it keeps me from smoking the flower so quick and keeps things interesting. Just what I do. I remember when an 1/8th would last me a week when I first started smoking now I am lucky to get 4 days lol. Good quality flower makes it even more enticing to pack another bowl lol!
    I have been using coinbase pro for BTC and the fees are under $1 per order but I dont use a debit card and have to wait on an ACH transfer first...takes about 3-4 business days. My plan is to throw a little money in the USD wallet whenever I get payed so I will have a little "weed savings fund" for ordering

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    @maryjanelover11 Master Kush has been my secret lover since I can remember. If you like Master Kush alot, like I do, you'll want to start hunting Hindu Kush genetics in strains.
    1 of my Master nugs were 7g alone. Big beauty

  • @nefgreen Ive never used concentrate, I only smoke herb or hash/keif but I would definitely be down to try it soon. In terms of money the biggest problem for me is all my money is in another currency (not USD) so when I make the conversion I am losing a lot of money because the value of the currency has crashed. It cost me more than 300$ for a half ounce. From now on Im getting an ounce each month and thats it I have to consrve it

  • @MizterNiceGuy the nugs are some of the most gorgeous i've ever seen for sure. Beautiful

  • Oh damn. Yeah that conversion rate is horrible.
    I just ordered some master kush so I'm excited! Fruity pebbles too!

  • @nefgreen have fun !! Ive got an order of grape ape and pink grapefruit kush coming in

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    @maryjanelover11 I don’t think it’s usps all my orders from mama get here no later than five days after ordering and this is way down south I made my first order from loud for a oz a couple days ago and no label created yet and ID has been mostly spot on for the mama orders this is my reason for thinking it’s not Usps mail runs consistently Monday through Saturday here hopefully this order doesn’t take crazy long

  • The blueberry from mama smells outstanding

  • @Slapjack Did you get your order? I made my first order from Loud and noticed it's been taking longer than my Med Mama orders typically take. Mama is QUICK lol.

  • @OneLove yes my order came in I ordered from loud on a Friday it got here by the next Saturday

  • I wish I could read trichomes.

  • @theunleet Oh, sure. You want to be Frank AND Garth. When will the madness end? Won't someone think about the children!?!

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