Has anyone tried the premium Capstone?

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Just curious. I haven’t seen it mentioned and I don’t know a lot about it.


  • I have not. Didn't order it because I got turned off by the short, 100% plagiarized menu description from a site called Ganja Goddess, which also apparently sells this strain (1st Google hit.)

    While most of the descriptions have plagiarism to some degree or another, this one is oddly short and there is no original information whatsoever. That's a red flag for me. (And I could be completely wrong, too...one must make decisions sometimes based on incomplete and irrational information...)

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    Tried capstone last night and it's good. I would say somewhere of a sativa/ indica mix. I definately didn't notice a heavy body high but did feel light and comfortably numb. Head high was even and uplifting. It was a good feel good high.

    I had some homemade edibles though earlier in the day though. We ended then night with blueberry muffins and a bird dive bombing us. It was pretty comical.

    Last night I felt like I was as high as I was going to get no matter how much I ate or smoked. I thought to myself that it was a weird feeling to be super duper high and not super fucked up at the same time...it was weird. I also wodered if that was an effect of capstone and maybe the reason for it's name.

    Capstone: cap•stone kăp′stōn″►
    n. The top stone of a structure or wall.
    n. The crowning achievement or final stroke; the culmination or acme.
    n. In architecture, the uppermost or finishing stone of a structure, as of a parapet, a turret, etc.

    If capstone makes you feel like your at the highest point or achieved the highest level of a coherent and observant state of being super high, then it lives up to its name.

    I would buy again. Even if it's just to accomplish the same feeling again.

    Oh yeah, taste was nice, citrusy.
    Odor: pungent, spicy, citrusy, piney slightly

    As good as capstone is, or was, it wasn't the over all winner of the night.

  • Thanks @Jdtokes (and @Yaqui319) for the reviews/commentary. I'm going to attribute your super high/not fucked up feeling to the edibles, good vibes, and overall good times rather than any particular strain!

  • Thanks @Jdtokes and @Yaqui319. I’m going to try some just because I have never tried it before.

  • I recreated the same feeling of not going to get any higher last night on my porch. @georgetirebiter I was sure it was the edibles also. I didn't have any yesterday.

    I'm regretting the decision though, I slept in way too late and had to rush to get to work lol.

  • I've contacted Med Mama about the plagiarism issue. Good catch, @georgetirebiter !

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    I have been waiting for my capstone that I ordered on Jun 2 and a note with it Please do not substitute Premium - Capstone. Today, June 8 just checked my email vendor is running out of capstone. It is still listed on mediceneman dot is strain selection. I am confused.

  • I just received a sample of it. Let you know tonight hopefully

  • @PutroNogo They might still have some left but less than what you ordered. Or it might take them time to take it down.

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