Full Gram Distillate Refills from MedMama Description is Misleading

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Just a heads up, last time I ordered these the shipper sent me two syringes that were half grams each. They are supposed to be two full gram syringes for $100. I know they were half grams because they filled my half gram ccell with none leftover in the syringe. The shipper tried to say that the syringes look deceiving because they are two gram syringes and are each half full. But that's not true, they are 1 gram syringes when empty and they fill each half way and ship two of them. Luckily Medboy sorted this out for me in the past and had them reship but just a heads up if you plan on ordering these to check. It's a shame because I wanted to keep re-filling my empty cartridges and it's actually cheaper to just order prefilled carts at that price.


  • I have been receiving full gram syringes from Med Mama for a long time. Multiple shipments multiple strains per order and never a problem.

  • Last time I ordered 4 syringes, they were definitely 1 gram each. Recently as well.

  • I haven't had a problem with mine either so far. All my 1g syringes filled my 1g vapes full with a small amount to spare inside the syringe.

  • @Jdtokes Yeah there was a small amount left over. I just dont like vaping thc that much. Water pipes get me plenty high.

  • @theunleet Honestly, I'm not huge on vaping either. It's not my favorite form of use and they make me cough hard as hell, especially live resin vape carts. But vapes, for the ease of use and discretion, they're hard to beat. They get me pretty damn high too.

    I like smoking out of water pipes too! Nowdays, I prefer bubblers to bongs though only because a heavy bong hit will cause me to cough a lung out on the floor lol.

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    @Jdtokes you ever use one of those nice zob bubblers? I used to have an ashcatcher in a small root that did the trick and was like an easy to clean version of a bubbler for my needs.

    MY favorite zob coffee table piece was a fat boy with a multi arm percolator:


    Imagine this with a slightly different perc, like the perc below but fitting the Fatboy body(like a revolver!):


    Also similar but not fat enuff:

  • @wcj8810 I believe your case is an outlier. But please, let me know if anyone else experiences this.

  • I have made one order of vape refill and they were fire!! Grape Ape. Each was one gram. One thing that you have to remember with Ccell carts especially the TH2 and TH205 is that they absorb a good amount of the oil. I have read they they can absorb up to 30% of the oil. I use ccell and there is always a small head on the carts, but I know those syringes are 1 gram each.

  • @medboy Thanks I appreciate it. I want order to more but wanted to make sure that wasn't the usual

  • @medboy I experienced that too brother on my last distillate purchase. I was only able to fill 1 half gram cart with a single syringe.

  • @rshigh81 To be honest I think MedMama is aware that they are shipping half gram syringes but was banking on no one knowing the difference.

  • I'll add that I don't think this is Medboy's fault, but rather the shipper trying to get one over

  • i got the same thing about 2 weeks ago I told med boy about it and he said he would look into it with med mama

  • I'm bringing this up with Med Mama.

  • I just received my most recent package from MedMama and as always they are definitely 1 gram per syringe. She also changed the syringes to a much easier lock type tip

  • @Kris10 dang dude your mail comes early

  • Lol yeah my mail came at 11am yesterday I feel like it has been getting earlier and earlier

  • @nefgreen mine is usually later like 3-4 but today it actually came a bit earlier, lets all get baked !

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