My order

I am an new customer I got my preshipment label but status haven’t changed is this Normal should I be looking for it ??



  • When did you order? Which shipper?

    Answer to your question... yes, check your mailbox everyday.

  • I got the preshipment noti yesterday I ordered on may19

  • @Shamisha55 it takes a while to move sometimes a day sometimes 2. It will probably move today

  • Ok thanks

  • I’d say expect the package in <5 days, give or take. Just know that informed delivery is not always accurate , and can be misleading sometimes.

  • I ordered on the 15th (early a.m. on east coast)... shipping label created and shipped the 18th arrived my mailbox the 21st about 4pm EST.

    That is what you should experience... it can vary.

  • Nice looking forward to trying the super lemon haze I really never had any good west coast bud I’m from the south and only ever bought bud off the streets and I spend over 600$ a month little off topic but I’m pretty sure we are all pot heads 😂

  • @Shamisha55 if all you ever had is street shwag you are in for a good surprise. This bud is premium. High quality, expertly grown. You gunna get fried.

  • Yes I’m so excited have any of u orderd 4 ozs is it safe

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    @Shamisha55 Safe? If you mean safe as in you won’t get caught AND your package will 100% be delivered, then yes, it is very safe. They ALWAYS deliver, if a package is lost,stolen, doesn’t matter, they’ll reship. I would expect your package to come within 5 days, if after 14 days the package doesn’t arrive, contact them using the contact forum on their website, and they will send you a tracking number. You’re in the right hands, happy smoking✌️

  • As you’ll find all over this forum or just google it: tracking and informed delivery are super unreliable these days. No matter what you see or don’t see in ur tracking info, its best not to put much faith in it. There’s a good chance it’s wrong somehow.

  • I ordered a half should I be worried the package won't fit in a standard apartment sized mailbox ?

  • Best premium strain? I am getting the Lodi dodi fruity pebbles sounds amazing but I know more premiums are coming looking forward to getting some top shelf I hear Lodi dodi alot especially from famous celebrities ⛽️ But man oh man the fruity pebbles looks mind blowing seriously

  • I need coupons @medicineman I love this site already ❤️ but haven’t received coupons yet

  • What celebrities are talking about Lodi Dodi?

  • @Shamisha55 .... coupons from the newsletter? They don't exist. The newsletter was passed over for message board. I've asked before... you'll have to wait for the next sale, maybe 4th of July?

  • Man screw the celebrities lol

  • I used to rely on ID but after my last two orders didn’t showed up at all on it, I’ve stop looking at it. I just placed an order for both shippers this past Wednesday and am just waiting to see which will come first. Hope you get your order soon.from what I hear they are all caught up.

  • I placed an order from loud on saturday and they printed the label earlier today I saw

  • @Shamisha55 Very good choice if you went with Lodi Dodi. By far, one of the best strains I’ve had personally. The last two batches from Loud n’ Co were fantastic, and very potent. They honestly very well could’ve listed it as premium in my opinion, the buds were sizable, tightly trimmed, and very potent.

    P.s. Heres a forums veteran‘s advice, if you ever see fruit loops JUMP on it. Amazing strain, but use caution!

  • They always come though just be patient as they always come though. If you haven't already, sign up for informed delivery with USPS so you can see what coming in the mail. I have found though that some post offices don't have the larger scanners to show you the package/mail so it might not show up on informed delivery in some areas people live in but rest assured medmad always come though even though the COVID-19 times.

  • @PieMan ima buy an oz of grapefruit kush an get half Lodi dodi my lemon super haze comes in tomorrow ima new customer that only ever smoked street weed I hope the LSH lives up to its hype 😁💨💨

  • Also @PieMan how is the vanilla frosting

  • @Shamisha55 I thought the SLH was great as far as high but the taste dept was lacking. The buds were very nicely formed and quarter was 2 buds. I was actually pretty blasted, but it was a energetic high. For the price I am happy! Do tell us what you think.

  • Ok thanks @nerfgreen have u had any of the current premiums im kinda thinking on only buying premium for now on

  • No I am new as well. Only had some shatter and the SLH. I have fruity pebbles, master kush and hopefully some of the space queen on the way though. Space queen looks like it was removed today so I am hoping I got that and not fruity pebbles but either way I am excited to try them!

  • O ok on the SLH was it nasty tasting or just not lemon is it gassy

  • Def not nasty or grassy. It has the haze taste and maybe some citrus that was barely detectable. I think it is like that because it was most likely harvested oct2019 or before. Saw a couple others saying it was fantastic and there may have been different batches as well.

  • Yea same Bro and grape fruit kush looks So amazing ima also take @PieMan advice and get Lodi dodi thinking about a oz of grapefruit mixed Lodi Dodi and a half of premium

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