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  • Almost went with lodi dodi. Have had it before ( not through MM) and it was good! I will probably post reviews of what I get

  • Ok I’ll let u know how i like the SLH tomorrow have a good one ☝️ bro

  • one day im going to go ham and drop like a grand in one order I have to save up for a while

  • @Shamisha55 have you received your package yet? I am in Tx and am a newbie ordering, this last order I placed is my Num 5 from MM and love it! Their quality is premium so you will be in for a treat! I am currently waiting for am order from both shippers! Looking forward to it.

  • Today is day 19 No delivery for me. Starting to get uneasy. Hope to have an update soon. 🤞🤞🤞

  • @Joha an sorry about the delay. That’s awful! I know they will make it right but still it sucks! Are you south, east coast or central? That’s very odd. I hope mine doesn’t take that long. Good luck.

  • SLH is decent for first order... just ordered two ozs of donkey butter and sky walker og and a half of vanilla frost and wedding cake

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    They must be having contact issues or something.

    Medman replied to my initial contact on friday saying he’d ask the shipper. Tuesday evening, Still nothing.

    Even with a three day weekend it seems like they’d have replied by now.

    I even sent a quick “any news” yesterday.... hmm well nothing to do but wait. I’ll be pretty surprised if this thing ever shows up. 🤪

    I know I’ll get sorted... still takes time, then the wait begins again 🤯😰

    And yes i check my spam-alooooooot. 😉

  • I've replied to all the inquiries in my inbox. If you haven't received a response by now, then please submit an inquiry through our contact form and triple-check that you have entered your email address correctly.

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    Got short reply. I Guess my first order either never shipped or never made it to tracking and got lost? I cant tell. It seems they are sending another but i dunno what...I sure hope it’s something i can use 🥳😕

  • Hey Joha, I got exactly what I ordered even thou it was not listed anymore.

  • 🥳 ooh there’s hope!

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    5/7 grape ape order replacement came. Took 4 days! 😂
    Guess what!? Grape ape!!!! So very happy!!!! 🥳🥳🥳Thanks!!!!!!!

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    So many people would be just screwed if they didn't know @medman @medboy
    They have my respect. All around good people.
    @Joha so glad to hear you were taking care of.

  • @Joha Dude this grape ape is a heavy hitter. Its sooooo strong lol a very heavy indica

  • @maryjanelover11 make a review already. Pics? Start a new post. I see you LOVING the Ape. lol

  • @MizterNiceGuy dude the ape and I will be friends for life. That mofo can HIT! lol legit its a super heavy hitter i love weed like this. It left me in a coma when I woke up it took me like 20 mins to shake off that sleepy feeling. Im glad I got sour pink grapefruit too because I just smoked some of that and im super high but its not as heavy as grape ape

  • In terms of the pics I like to give it a day or 2 for the nugs to start curing. Trust me it makes a difference. This kush is fresh i can tell it needs to be cured for a bit more

  • What i meant to say is to cure more. I know bud starts curing as soon as its harvested.

  • @maryjanelover11 Yep. I'd say you're roasted. Extra crispy even.

  • Ordered an oz of master kush officially taking a break after this one at least for a month

  • @Shamisha55 lol even you have limits huh. The master kush is FIIRE stuff you will love it. I wish i had more maybe in the next order ill get another quarter

  • @MizterNiceGuy ahahahaha im fried extra krispy

  • Lol @maryjanelover11 ive spent like 900$

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