Feedback/contact form woes and less than ideal gummies in tins

So I was trying to leave feedback on the order site, sort of an FYI regarding a recent order, but I kept getting hammered because it exceeded 512 characters. Even when I broke it up into 350 character segments. Which is less than 512, the last I looked. Maybe it's new math?

So...look, I know I'm wordy, and it seems like I'm bitching, but I'm really just trying to be helpful.

I found this site a few months ago, and it's been...well, life changing. So I want to be helpful. It's tough to be helpful when you're limited to 512 characters (or less, I'm pretty sure - I believe it was calculating ALL fields, not just the narrative).

Anyway, I digress - the feedback was:

I've ordered a few things from over the past 6 months or so since I discovered the site - different lozenges a few times, tried the gum drops, a couple of strains here and there - and I've been really happy with all of the orders (and the freebies).

But last week I ordered new gummies in tins (different from the other ones I'd previously seen on your site) and they were total fails - if there is any THC in them at all I'd be amazed. I can down 10 and nothing - not a blip on my relatively sensitive internal "THC radar".

Two different flavors - same results. Or perhaps I should say the same lack of results. Super disappointed. But since I've been really happy with other edibles and strains I've ordered from Medicineman, I was just going to chalk it up to one of those things that happen - but since it appears like a newish SKU (for lack of a better term) compared to some of the other gummies I've seen on on the order form or maybe they're from a different or new supplier, I thought maybe I'd pass some feedback along - perhaps some error was made, or it's something worth looking into.

Thanks, and no sarcasm intended - keep up the good work - this is the first time I wasn't happy, so that's still pretty good. In fact, I'm ordering right now.

Happy to see the site is back up. :)


  • Thanks for your review! We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, and this review has some of both so thank you.

    To be totally honest, we get this kind of complaint about edibles far more than any other form of MMJ we offer. This is true across the whole industry, it's not just us. Because of the way that edibles are processed differently in your body than anything you inhale, they are inherently more unpredictable. So sometimes I get this kind of feedback, that they're not having enough effect or even any effect. Other times I get feedback that the patient was overwhelmed by overdose. It's inherently more difficult to find the right dosage with edibles, and to make matters worse your own body is changing from hour to hour and the effects of metabolism, empty stomach vs full stomach, etc means that even taking the same medicine at two different times can have two different effects.

    So that's the downside. They have upsides too, so some patients choose edibles only. But buyer beware.

  • Did you order the gummy bears? I had this exact same situation happen to me. I've been very frustrated with edibles in the past as I cant seem to figure out what makes them kick. Ive recently lost some weight so I figured maybe it would work better now so I started doing one 25mg at a time until I felt something and after a while I got a slight buzz so I figured maybe I just need to double that dose. Did 250mg one day and 250 another, different flavors (assuming that makes them from a different batch) and both were a dud. Ive tried doing this before with the lozenges because I thought maybe since youre basically drinking them maybe it would work but no dice. I will say the one time I tried a tincture it worked but the taste was something I didnt feel like Id be able to put up with on a regular basis.

    So far the only thing Ive ever gotten to work multiple times were the 2100mg offered by Loud&Co. I took a 600mg piece in the morning and it worked, after it wore off I ate an entire large pizza and took another to see what would happen and it worked the same as earlier in the day. I'm not sure if this is a difference in between formula/strain or if I just need to take 600 every time. I'll probably end up trying the gummy bears one more time and just taking the whole tin and seeing what happens since theres a $100 difference between ordering them and the loud&co.

  • For me, the THC gum drops are very potent. An entire 25 mg gum drop is too strong for me. I consume 1/4 or even 1/8 of a gum drop on a daily basis. Now I have friends who eat the gum drops like candy, something I could never do and continue to function normally. This is just my experience, and I plan on trying the gummy bears on my next order.

  • This feedback is typical of edibles. I wish I understood it better. I find that some patients learn that they just work great for them. I'm not one of them. I either get too little of an effect or I get overdose couchlock. I've never been able to find the goldilocks zone myself, which is why I vape.

  • @medboy - I completely understand there are a lot of challenges with edibles, and I do expect some variance. I've been pretty happy with the other edibles I order from here (mostly the CBD:THC 1:1 Jolly Chips) - so like I said, this was an unusual experience. I appreciate the quick response from you guys...I'm still all in!

  • @Weedguy420 - yes I ordered the gummy bears in tins, not the other ones - I hadn't seen the ones in tins before recently (not that I'm an authority on the inventory). As I mentioned, I'm pretty happen with the other edibles here, so maybe it's just me, maybe it's a less than ideal batch, maybe it's not my day to expect anything magic in my mailbox. Not a huge deal. If I get disappointed with new crappy cookies I bought at my grocery store, next time I'll just buy the ones I liked before. Mmmm....cookies...

  • I took the tin it worked

  • I’ve never ordered Gummies but have received them as the freebie, 1, 25 mg bear a few weeks ago and honestly my wife and I have both gotten twisted off a small piece. We have eaten a small piece twice and still have half a bear left and had incredible results . We only partake in the evening before bed but both have a decent tolerance. I broke a small piece off for my aunt last week ( she’s 72) and she enjoyed as well with in her words was a delightful Doritos filled evening.. I personally have never had a bad experience with edibles well unless you consider bad being stuck in my chair for three hours after a chocolate cookie! Hope this helps

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