Vitamin E Acetate in vape carts?

MM - have you asked if our vape suppliers use Vitamin E. Acetate? I have several carts and you can’t beat the convenience. But it would be good to know they also won’t kill me.


  • Great question. Thats honestly why I haven’t bought any more oil and have went back to flower in general. Not worth the risk to me. Honestly vaping dry herb is just as good minus a little more prep work.

  • I’m wondering the same thing. I love vaping oil but want to be safe.

  • Yes, we've been through this conversation many times in recent weeks, as some might imagine. We've been reassured by our suppliers that our vapes and refills contain THC distillate, all natural terpenes, and nothing else.

  • Thanks medboy, that's what I thought, but it's good to hear it from you. I trust in the safety and quality of your products. Big thanks to you and your entire team!

  • Thank you so much good to hear!!

  • There’s NO VITAMIN E in ANY of these products...BUT that’s not the problem...the DEA FOUND FENTENYL in those carts THEY had from actual victims...FENTENYL!! Which is NEVER IN ANYTHING MEDMAN OFFERS!
    Period. You won’t find anything better and more trustworthy than HERE. I only vape concentrates and distillate...ONLY. I will NEVER worry as long as I order from here. Order with confidence...I DO.

  • Only complaints I have about vapes is...I never buy enough! Lol!

  • That's awesome to know, Cap'n!

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