Will there be a holiday discount code for December?

Hey medboy, I know your still dealing with the Thanksgiving holiday code and outstanding orders. But you had mentioned in another thread a couple of weeks ago that there was gonna to be another holiday code in December. I was curious as to when that will be ? a week , two weeks ? just curious was wanting to place an order and didn't wanna place an order and then two days later or a day later have a discount code and miss out like some people did on the Thanksgiving code. Thanks !!


  • Yes there will be one! I'm going to announce it and turn on the code in about a week. Don't know the exact timing yet because I have to coordinate that with MM.

  • That's awesome thank you!

  • I hope the code is released by the 11th. My check comes in then and I want to do some Christmas shopping. ;-)

  • You're in luck, because MM instructed me to turn on the code the morning of the 15th.

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