Back Order caused Delay

Recently a number of people were waiting too long for their orders, which was cause by a manufacturer delay in creating the gumdrops. Normally I would have emailed people about the longer delay, but I was expecting them to come in sooner. It is regrettable how long some people have had to wait, so will give you a coupon for your next order.


  • (PS if you want to claim that coupon, please write to me through the site's order form!)

  • @medmama I ordered from you because the strains you offer are optimal for my condition. Unfortunately I ordered on 11/17 and my order has not even shipped yet =( I did contact @medboy yesterday and have not heard back from him. If you can empathize with me on the frustration I feel from being a first time buyer I am getting very nervous.

  • @medmama Hello, if you wanted to make an excellent first impression on a first-time customer, I would have to say that you fell short. (meh)
    I placed my order on 11/16. Today makes 18 days. I haven't received my package. Informed delivery doesn't show any packages heading my way at all. My box may show up tomorrow or the following day, and I would be grateful. But I don't know
    I do understand that life happens, and shit gets hectic, and orders don't get out on time. We are in the holiday season and all. However, all that said. I’m content to see you have stepped up to make it right by your offer. And I accept it.
    Thank you
    Medmama, MM, MB
    I'm very grateful that I was fortunate to have found this site.
    Warm regards and Happy holidays.

  • @Sanada4real @medboy @medmama I feel the same way I may have felt major frustration lately but do appreciate providing the discount coupon for people like Sanda and I. I would like to give you guys another try (with the coupon of course) but feel awkward about it because my initial order is not here yet.

  • @PwnappleXpress, I have a feeling we will get our orders but may take longer than most. Who knows, we might be pleasantly surprised. Hang in there. You're not alone. Happy holidays.

  • @Sanada4real lol you ordered the day before me and are a first timer as well 🤔

  • @Sanada4real where are you from friend?

  • @medboy I messaged you this morning about that discount code what’s up no reply? @medmama don't worry your strains are what I need so I’ll be ordering from you again.

  • Med Mama promised me she would be all caught up by the end of the week. I sure hope it happens.

  • @PwnappleXpress and @Sanada4real
    I have been a customer for a few months now. They will deliver.

  • OMG I'm feeling so upset for all the waiting and frustration my issues have been causing. As I dive deep into what's been going on to cause so many issues recently, I believe I've found a few different issues that we can fix.

    Gum Drops were on back order from the manufacturer, and they gave us a few dates and delays that normally I would have emailed back about seeing if you wanted a replacement or refund, but instead you were waiting without knowing why.
    I will definitely email if it will be more than a couple extra days

    There was a mail box that was vandalized and orders stolen. So there are a number of orders that when we are checking tracking show that the label was made but not yet shipped.
    We are going through all the tracking, particularly from 11/20 to make sure orders are in the system

    In addition to this, I had some major turnover in my help including moving the office and my main childcare provider getting cancer and unable to help, so please forgive me and understand I'm human.

    Please write a formal complaint if you had an issue for a coupon code if I don't get you here.
    My goal is to have orders arriving in 4-5 days, which I've done consistently for years.
    Apologies again for the wait, I will definitely do my best to make it right.

  • Thank you Medmama! I am a fairly new customer, but I will say I have been impressed with your product quality and overall service thus far. Nothing against Loud but I've asked for several different strain specific samples and got something totally different every time. All of my orders with MM I have received every sample I requested like the Lemon Tree sample I received today. You don't how excited I was try that. It's the little things and I appreciate your honesty and being real with your customers. Praying all works out and for your childcare provider.

  • Hang in there @medmama sounds like life’s tossing a couple of curve balls your way. Things will straighten out. If I lived anywhere near y’all I’d gladly lend a helping hand ❤️

  • @medmama - what funkynugz said...

  • Ordered on 11/25 dont know if that fits in the same time frame.

  • I just want to add that I've been having technical issues with email which means that some customers are not getting timely responses. So sorry for this stack of troubles...

  • I ordered mine on 11/29. So I am not sure about my order either..
    Should be here by today. But, seems like it may not make it until next week perhaps..
    If it does not come today, I would like a coupon code!!
    My orders normally get here within 4 business days. Seeing that today is the 5th day, I doubt I will get it before next week. :-(

  • Order placed Saturday after Black Friday. Received partial from L&C today. Coast to coast, less than a week. Great freebie included! Thx MM & LC. My MM portion tracks to deliver tomorrow. Exactly a week, longest I’ve ever waited on MM. Historically been 3-4 days coast to coast no hassle no problem. So much appreciation to all for great service, especially with holidays. XOXO

  • Email is back on and Med Mama is getting back on track. Just in time because the holiday rush is about to come...

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