Grade level preference?

Hey all!

So for all you seasoned stoners and connoisseur‘s of cannabis, what’s your preference for grade of weed vs grower vs type of strain? Is there really a big difference between indoor, greenhouse or outdoor? Is the harvest better a certain time of the year or certain months where cheaper, I mean, less desirable stuff floods the market?

I haven’t bought a whole lot from MM or Loud yet and am newer to this site, but are there certain strains that are more awesomer than others? I know harvest time is coming! And I keep hearing about all this bad ass weed coming and am super stoked for some potent variety!

Wish we could private message each other so y’all can give tips without word getting out too much LOL. What are the top 10 folks are excited to see drop?

Also, any opinions about this?

Thanks! I learn so much from you guys and appreciate any input!


  • Generally speaking (IOW what I’m writing here doesn’t necessarily apply to MM), indoor usually is the standard benchmark for quality, with varying levels of greatness influenced by a huge list of variables. With that said I’ve had shitty indoor and spectacular outdoor. And vice-versa. I’m personally not a fan of light dep/greenhouse. Just personal bias I guess.

    Indoor can be variable due to the fact there are more variables to endure in order to achieve success. It is typically more $$$ to grow and more money to purchase. Outdoor is generally less variable because there are fewer variables to get in the way. Still outdoor comes with plenty of challenges collectively known as Mother Nature. Because indoor can be grown year round there is always quality product available at a consistent price.

    If there’s any chance of finding bargains in the US that would be after North America goes through its regular outdoor growing season. Timing of harvest will vary by days or weeks due to length of local season and range of strain finishing times. Where I live we generally pull OD sometime next week (mid October) or just prior to any threat of frost.

    I chatted with a distributor friend in LA today and sadly she said some of the left coast outdoor harvest will be affected by the fires (mostly due to the smoke and its particulates) and people are considering an increase in prices compared to last year, at least where locally affected. Her op is in the high desert outside LA and they had no issues.

    For the MM shippers I’d suspect this may have some impact in terms of securing good outdoor herb for members. But those year round indoor ops should be able to fill gaps in supply. There’s still going to be plenty of outdoor in other states of course, including my state that has several large farms to stock up its medical dispensaries for the year.

    That article is pretty much right on the money. Google “grow weed easy” for a website that provides a deeper dive. Also FWIW, as admin for a few public/private growing, breeding and seedswap forums over the years, I’m glad PMs are turned off here. They usually cause more trouble than their worth for those behind the curtain 😉

    Hope that helps. Noticed nobody responded yet so there’s my 2 cents worth.

  • Fires aren't new.

  • I love indoor weed but as mother nature takes she definitely gives. For me a really good outdoor strain seems more psychoactive than the same strain grown indoors. I know that lights supposedly deliver the same wavelength as the sun but I've had the very same clones deliver subtle but noticeable differences when both are able to grow in ideal conditions. Just my opinion but when all conditions outside match conditions inside you can't beat mother nature.

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