@medmama concentrates!!

We need more live resin, diamonds, terp sauce, or any other type of high quality concentrate @medmama @loudnco


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    👍DITTO plenty of crc but i would love to see some more live resin,terp sauce and shatter me indica shatter me

  • I totally agree bro

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    I'm smoking the last of my master blaster diamonds and Darkstar og terp sauce I mixed them and called it Darkstar OG lol

  • Man I went through that dark star by itself and was some really good stuff, came close to grabbing more and usually don't repeat items besides did grab that indoor zkittles that was better than last batch

  • ....rosin ?

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    The dark star terp sauce? Or was it live resin I can't remember lol. I loved it Stoned to the bone.

  • What I had was terp sauce

  • I had the Darkstar terp sauce and I mixed some master blaster diamonds 💎 with it and it was 🔥

  • I’m looking forward to trying louds pineapple upside down cake! Looking forward to it.

  • Dug mine out "I hoard" terp sauce. Oh what ta full iam lol. Sauce me again I do love the dark star. I need a miracle every day. The Dwellers

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