Phoenix Tears



  • Depending on your goals, the discount oil might work for you.

    Applied topically it's packed full of healing power. Ingested it will take you to places you might not want to go, but need to. To state that it will get you "high" is to say that a Picasso is a picture.

    It is the second most fundamental distillation of healing power I have ever encountered. After the stuff made from heavy indica and lab tested, of course...

  • Got it, yeah, I’ve been using it for sleep and stomach problems and it has worked like a charm.... hoping they get more! @georgetirebiter

  • Stomach problems. That is interesting! For me, that's the only thing cannabis is NOT good for. Which is not to say I disbelieve--on the contrary!

    I am very glad this herb doesn't only grow in some weird, distant ecosystem. It would have been patented by now and we'd all be slaves.

    Lest that sounds weird, I believe we may already be slaves...servants to corporate "benevolence." Is this truth or a poor Matrix concept? The latter of course, so what?

    Smoking a fat joint filled with Blue Haze, Strawberry Banana, and something else, the remnants of grinders past...but that doesn't mean I'm wrong...this message brought to you by's delicious!

    P.S. I highly recommend mixing these three strains...third one is Lemon Tree, but it's mostly Blue Haze and SB.

  • Forgot what page I was on: Phoenix Tears.

    Don't try this at home: Apply giant gobs on lines of the torso and abdomen. Pretend you're a Shaman. Sit cross-legged and don't move, preferably on a carpet you don't care for. I'd tell you what to expect but you wouldn't believe me.

    You will want to build up your tolerance before beginning. Or not. I didn't.

    This is the most fundamental distillation of healing power on the planet.

    These are my words and I endorse this message.

  • Heck yeah ! Smoking helps, but this Phoenix tears stuff really works... for pain management, mood, sleep, relaxation, and for me, when it’s not night time, works pretty well during the day, conidiering I work on construction sites 9-10 times a week. So... really hoping they get some good stuff back— not saying the others aren’t great- my tolerance is just a bit up there..

  • I hear you. My biggest fear is running out. Much more so than with flower, frankly. This is God's best medicine. Distilled down to its purest essence.

    The biggest knock on the discount, for me, is that there's still alcohol left sometimes, diluting its power. When this occurs it can be solved by heating the RSO with a tablespoon of coconut oil using an immersion bath or double boiling system. A couple hours of that on low heat and it should be good. That said, you'll lose 10-15% of the product, at which point it's not discount anymore.

  • Agreed! I think I’ve stated before that I look like a crack head when I do 🤣😂

  • We just got some more back in, but I'm asking Med Mama to add more variety.

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