Like to see true premium indoor sour D with the lound get out of the house smell .iv saw greenhouse nvr saw premium sour d even going back to 2013


  • The sour d that was just up reminds me of tru sour d. Insane smell and smoke!

  • Are you kidding me, have you seen this board? I just grabbed a zip of purple kush and another of Biscotti. These boards are as beautiful as the flowers they represent. Damn good weedπŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸ€πŸ’πŸ’¨

  • Yep...will be ordering some Premium Sunset Sherbet and probably some outdoor Skywalker OG. I still have well over a half of both the Purple Kush and Biscotti. I love that Biscotti!

  • I have 4 indicas on my shopping list for Loud then now 4 more on the Mamas shelf...!
    Yes gents, those are Biscotti, Purple Kush, Skywalker OG and Ghost OG :)

  • @Koog_Kush don't sleep on the sunset sherbet for indica.. it's fantastic

  • Thanks @v32Finish. I ended up grabbing the 4 strains in above last night. Glad I did when PK was already sold out tho wifey wasn't happy about it XD I'd wait for next batch then :smile:

  • Lol heck yeah.. just wanted to at least say something about the SS , but you really can't go wrong ! Enjoy!!

    Been quite a while since I've ordered like 4 or 5 strains 😎

  • @v32Finish Oh yes I will, thanks! I'm new to those so can't really wait for next weekend :smiley:
    I removed the Sky/Ghost OGs from my wish list to Loud at the last minute then saw them popped up on Mama's menu in next morning was kinda miracle that Forced me to put this order but yep, I'll be quite for a while, too XD

  • Haha!! That's awesome !!

    Glad you got to try something you're excited about. That's something I love about this site 😊

  • Dang is purple kush that good.towipe mama page out early on sat morning?

  • @Fastguy199 yep, that premium sour D from loud a month or two ago is just amazing. Though I keep going back and forth on whether I like it or the pineapple express more.

  • Im talking this past batch.. i received mine about 3-4 days ago and it absolutely tastes like β€œdiesel” with a sour smell its amazing , satvia dom, but to me it puts me into the couch @Sixwaychili

  • After I ordered I see sunset sherbert on the board so add that to my in the way list because I just couldn't pass up.SSS It makes me happy happy happy. Best days at work ever lol

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