Purple Punch

If you've ever mixed paints with a kid, or as a kid, you know how quickly you get to black? The smell of this flower made me think of that. Bear with me for a second. Because if I just said, "it smells weird," you might get the wrong idea.

Let's step back.

This herb looks exactly like the photo on the MedMama menu. Exquisite. Light green with orange streaks, the colors are muted and ill-defined under the frosty white cloud forest of trichomes. Why bother taking a pic? I couldn't do better if I knew how to work my camera.

Papaya. Pineapple. As I grind it up, the tropical flavors emerge. The flavor is so intense that it seems a black smudge at full volume! Luckily, a vaporizer dissects the flavors one by one as the heat goes up. Banana. The most banana-like banana ever. This is textbook cannabis, literally. It writes the book on flavor, 5 degrees Celsius at a time. More specifically, this has to be the most textbook Purple Punch I am likely to see, unless I go to some big cannabis festival in the sky.

This bud needs time to open up. When it does, the vapor/smoke will be as glorious as its picture. It is big...HUGE...full of taste RIGHT NOW...but I feel like it's got somewhere to go and that somewhere is up.

I have not had Purple Punch this good since I first had it, in 2019.


  • Damn! High praise (no pun intended). I might have to try some of this new batch.
    Is this a new batch? I got some from Medmama in January and didn't find it super remarkable, but it might just be my pallet (or lack thereof). If it's a new strain, I'll try some because I love me some Purple-anything. And I've found it's wise to trust your reviews.

  • Yeah thought I'd heard a not overwhelming review on one the purples and haven't grabbed anything with purple in the name since but this sounds nice and may have to change ways especially since purple haze I had back in early 2000s was forking amazing but someone posted they think the old ph back in day was actually misnamed Tropicana so would like to try both and compare

  • Thanks for the kind words, @OzBaxter.

    @Vapedad78 I think I know what you mean. My last two Purple Punch orders were subbed...so this is my first taste of this strain since late 2019. I had read that previous batches were underwhelming but was ultimately sold on the picture, which looked brand new, shiny, and special. Sometimes the shippers re-use photos but this one is 100% on point.

  • @georgetirebiter that's awesome well definitely peaked my interest but wanna see the rhino hopefully brining Jupiter and og kush hopefully accompanied with Master in tow before dipping in cake anymore this moment

  • Please tell me what Jupiter (or "Jupitor," if you like the alternative Loud spelling) tastes like. It's incredibly unusual for me. I still can't nail it down and I've vaped several bowls of it.

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    If I ever get it and split was honored I definitely will, should been today but running late like previous ticket still haven't seen that looks like someone else took handoff to run it in but no info on coordinates

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    In two years using this site, it's the worst I've seen it. Others have maybe seen worse. I've never had medicine packages go missing that weren't removed from international mail by customs. Even they usually send letters.

    In the last month, two of my orders have disappeared. That's unprecedented. January 20 from MedMama and early February from Loud. I think it's rare and unusual times--and good encouragement to vote for politicians who support the post office. Regardless of how you affiliate.

    Maybe the MedMama missing packages, of which there were many, apparently, can be explained somehow, but we'll never know. I don't recall stuff like that happening so often until the very recent era of COVID-19/post office political gutting circa election.

    /sky is falling rant

  • I think it has to do more with the postal personnel and the Covid restrictions and getting backed up during the holidays because of that, than it does with anything political or any actions therein. Especially at this point. Just my take.

  • @OzBaxter You are probably correct that there's no direct connection. My thought is that COVID restrictions have been going on a long time, morale is low, the holidays didn't help, and people are running on fumes.

    The hit to morale from what the Postmaster General did to his own organization, though...that's hard to get my head wrapped around. Your own leader interfering with your mission? Imagine that.

  • Leaders been doing that world wide for years but definitely crazy

  • @georgetirebiter Oh I hear you, and I agree the chain of events over the past year has definitely played a heavy hand. And who knows? DeJoy might just be a complete twat-waffle, I don't know... lol

  • Well I ordered Triple scoop back on valentines day and got subbed with Purple punch and got it in the mail today and happy with it

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    @georgetirebiter is this review for the batch that's posted currently? Premium from.Mama?

    I have an 8th of this on the way tomorrow. I have NEVER had purple punch except a very mediocre "premium" from here, some might remember . But I always knew there is a good strain in there somewhere , or ppl wouldn't grow it and cross.it.

    I saw that pic on the menu and immediately ordered.

    I think that subconsciously.. I've been doing that with all the strains. I wanna try ALL the popular strains I've never happened to come across yet.... But I want to try a WORTHY version!!

    Anyway. Excited to get this. I.got.the wedding cake from Loud today and it definitely gets the "9". (Rare for me). Maybe even 9.25-9.5 / 10. @Rubygirl816 I can't remember what thread I was talking to.you in.. hoping your order came today!!!!?

  • @v32Finish That's correct. This is the PP from MedMama. It's disappeared quickly in the past, so I ordered some the same day it appeared on the menu.

  • @v32Finish i really really want to order that wedding cake! It’s not in the budget yet again this week, lol. Hubby is finally getting back to work after this passed years crap and taking care of me. So hopefully I will be able to grab it soon. Enjoy! The ice cream cake I received yesterday is really phenomenal. The only thing is, that’s what I have on hand right now, and I literally don’t want to do anything, lol. Hubby keeps telling me take it easy, especially since he’s out of town now. So I’m just sitting here, trying to get all his business stuff up and going again. Anyway, think I’m going to buy the zookies again, and I think I’m going to split it with the mystery indoor. Oh and my in-laws loved the concentrates from loud (PUDC and strawberry lemonade) and wants me to get them more. You can tell I’m stoned I’m writing a book, lol, have a great rest of the day everyone 😊

  • @Vapedad78 have you tried the recent batch of Pound cake shatter from mama? @MoonMan5 @MigraineWarrior79 you guys?

  • @Rubygirl816

    Not yet, darlin, but I'm probably going to get some shatter or wax this next order when I get paid this week.
    I've been eyeing the Hindu kush from mama.

  • Yes PC pretty decent imo

  • @MigraineWarrior79 @Rubygirl816 @Vapedad78 @MoonMan5 have you guys tried the premium Black Jack Wax? I pulled mine back out about 2a.m. chasing that nasty thing called pain. Again I love this wax the effects are immediate and mind mumbling wonderful. You gotta try it if you haven't already. 🔥💚🍀

  • Sounds right up my alley but waiting on few things first unfortunately

  • @Rubygirl816 yeah it's definitely a little on the heavy side! lol.. i have smoked it a few times before work without thinking, and i always end up having to go splash water on my face and it's happened several times where that moment of realization hits- it was the ice cream cake :D

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