Legalize it

I've noted a couple of you are from my home state. I wonder... how many others on here live in draconian states that penalize folks for their love affair of this plant?


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    I honestly do not care if it's legalized, because I despise the amount of over regulation that follows, leading to extremely excessive taxes and big business monopolies enabled by government.

    They should simply remove all laws from the books and that's it. But of course it will never happen because government can never give up one tiny bit of power.

    My state doesn't even have medicinal, though it is decriminalized for the most part.

  • I heard big tobacco wants to put their foot in the marijuana game... If that happens it will be overpriced, low-percentage crap, worse than mexican brick weed. I hope that never ever happens!

  • 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • I just don't want tax paying citizens being unjustly thrown into cages and/or having their criminal record be tarnished for the rest of their lives for the possession, usage, sale, or distribution of any plant, fungus, or any drug for that matter.
    With that said: Decriminalize it. Legalize it. Let the big wig conglomerates sell it while taxing the fuck out of it while also letting the consumer grow their own on their own property tax-free if they wish. End the drug war entirely and start arresting people for their actions instead of what they put into their bodies.

  • I do. And as long as the Tavern League keeps paying off politicians, through lobbying and campaign donations, to vote against legalization we will never have anything legal here. Not even medical.

  • I’m hearing it it will be illegal on a federal level by July. That’ll be huge because the banks will be able to get involved, credit cards etc.

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    @Stab_Snipers incredibly well-said.. tempted to copy and paste/tweet that bitch out.

    rings so true.

    also agree with @theunleet . very concerning to me, to see both big Tobacco and big Alcohol BOTH trying to dip their toes into cannabis... with the former going so far as to actually have pro-canna lobbyists now.... when they have BOTH been staunchly anti-cannabis for literally decades.

    what a fkn clown show the "war on drugs" is.. i DO believe that the harder drugs bring along violent crime so i'm not a huge "legalize everything" guy... but DEFINITELY nobody needs to go to jail for ingesting ANY substance.

  • At least decriminalization of natural stuff that grows anyway, they can keep the meth, blow, Crack and heron stuff that's synthetic or man made

  • @Vapedad78 ✅🤔

    Exactly what he said

  • Yeah I agree, shouldn't be able to punish someone for digesting chemicals or taxing already taxed money that never should be taxed initially amongst other ridiculous bs in the land of freedom

  • “Land of freedom” i LOLd at that one..

    This isnt that anymore sir, hasnt been that way since about the 1960s... america is a joke (now) and everyone running it needs to get laid.. if they can still get it up.. too many “woke” people with bachelors/masters degrees that cant even change a light bulb, that feel their shit doesn't stink, That complain.. its all so funny to me

  • Yeah it was blatantly sarcastic

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    I'm pretty sure that we're now living in something worse than what we feared in the 80s Soviet Union.

  • You got that right @Sixwaychili !!!

  • And we did so voluntarily.

  • Wow, heavy duty. I just.popped in here while I was using the restroom at work; now I'm walking back out all sad and despondent

    😥 Lol nah but for real tho.. hopefully within the next decade it normalized. Everywhere.

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