Bacio Gelato

Any one try Mama's premium Bacio Gelato yet?


  • I decided to try MAMA's most recent Premium Bacio Gelato ...It is good smoke but it arrived TOO DRY to be premium....I had to use a terracotta stone to revive it....This 1/4 oz weighed in at 7 grams.....

  • Everything I order from here I instantly boveda 62 for 2 days and they plump back to porny

  • I don't understand way it's dry . Unless it's a older harvest are not being stored right . Last I rec'd from medmama was indoor jack H very fresh and sticky ! the buds would stick to your fingers . That was premo at reg indoor price . Wish all of it was that fresh

  • I don't know if it would have anything to do with the vacum sealing are not . Am sure some of y'all would have more knowledge on that then I do .

  • I have an oz of the new Bacio Gelato waiting for me unopened in WI. We’re road tripping and I thought ahead! 😀. Sorry to hear that it’s dry @Katy, could be lots of things @Tac, but agree @MikeyC, nothing a few Bovedas won’t take care of. Thanks for the heads up…just ordered Bovedas…will be delivered to WI by tomorrow!😎

  • I had some last time it was on the site and it was very good. A Sativa type feeling hits first and eventually you mellow out more into a good general feeling of well being. Hopefully this batch is just as good!

  • @Katy yeah anything I get goes directly in boveda for a few days. This batch is right on line with the previous batch just needs love.

  • On the boveda packs... is it just me or do you lose some of the smell and taste ..I put mine straight in to my herb saver jars with a boveda pack and the smell just fades after a few days of storage ..@MNTDWLER @TheProfessor ...use new boveda packs regular

  • @Steeldude I haven’t found that with my Bovedas and crock jars…they seem to work great. There is some fade over a long time…but the last bud of Blueberry I broke up this week I’d had for 3 1/2 months and was just as fragrant as when I got it!
    As for the Bacio, mine does seem a little dry, but it looks great! I can’t wait to try it later…looks and smells as good as the last premium batch!

  • For what it's worth...even a little dry, the Bacio Gelato hit really hard last night. I don't usually use Bacio to sleep, but I didn't need anything else last night (OK, we'd been traveling all day and it was late). It still hit much harder than I was expecting. I saved a thumb-sized bud from the last batch of Bacio so I'll do a more side-by side comparison when I get home, but I'm thinking this is even better than the last premium batch. It if lasts on the menu a few more days I may have to order more before we head home.

  • Thanks for your feed back @Professor that is what matters if it's a good smoke with lasting affects ...take care and God speed on your trip.

  • @Steeldude what he said lol

  • Everything that i get was never ever sticky fresh, always dry dense bud. When i'd bag an eighth for daily use from an ounce it would crumble to fine power while in my pocket. I dont recall anykind of bud that came in fresh and sticky from either medmama or loud&co.

  • Do you transfer to a ball jar and insert a boveda 62? I do this and my bud is poifect in 48 hours.

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    I been using Herb guard jar's and there getting pretty old...probably 10 years old or as long as I been with medicineman. I got a cannador storage box coming, with the vapor bead system..figure since I spend so much on meds😜..yea I never ever got sticky sticky buds.I beleave that most smoke that comes from here is around 58RH.I beleave that is idea storage for Large amounts of smoke ...if you want it more sticky put it in to a jar with a 62 RH boveda pack or you can call up a local dude but think where has that bud been?before you put it in your mouth ..medicineman is 100 percent trustworthy and I beleave they use a great amount of quality control..

  • @907ak420 I'll have to agree, I miss that sticky icky that sticks a rolling paper to your fingers all day. I live in a dark ages state and the only time I see truly fresh flower it's from a home grow. I've gotten a little sticky flower I've gotten a fresh flower and I've gotten pretty flower but they never quite come together. I would love to see this too... I just don't know the logistics for a small "company's" shippers like @LoudnCo and @medmama. @Steeldude I'm praying for the day we have farm to table just like any other crop..only then will it truly be fresh and totally legal for everyone.

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    I like the sticky Icky

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