Anyone else have no effects from edibles?

I have tried over and over to eat edibles and I just don't get high off of them. I've eaten up to 75mg at a time with no luck. I'm only 5'2 and about 135 pounds. I think it might be absorption issues. Anyone else have a similar experience?


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    Some people don’t get effects from edibles. You could be one of those people. I am not. 70g for me would be a pretty amazing buzz, others could find that dose to be too high.

  • Wow 75mg is a you take cbd throughout the day? Sometimes that can counteract edibles..

  • Yes, the 75mg freebie edible had no effect on me, I was very disappointed because I was looking forward to it while at work

  • I had also never taken an edible before that

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    It takes a lot for me.when eating edibles other people have made/stuff you get from dispensaries.. I actually had to make my own canna butter.. it’s super simple. Just takes about 5 hours or so to get it just right... low and slow no matter what you watch and read. You don’t want to mess the terps up!

    First you decarb the bud.. I used about 5-6 grams of high grade flower for 1 stick of butter.grind it, put it in oven at 250 for 15-20 mins-until a crisp yellowish brown.
    take a pot, boil water in said pot, get you a Pyrex measuring cup, set your butter in that, put it in the pot of water without getting water in measuring cup and let it turn liquid.. dump your decarbed cannabis in said liquid butter and let it soak in the boil bath for a good 3 or so hours.. take it off the burner, get some mason jars or something to store it, and a coffee filter with a small kitchen strainer.. I used a sink strainer (I specifically use it for budder) and slowly pour the liquid budder/ground up cannabis through your filter and strainerand down into a mason jar-in my case. It does get kinda messy here because the budder consistency is a lot heavier than coffe so the filter isn’t the best (I’ve seen people use cheesecloth and it’s a little less messy) so you do have to squeeze it to get all of the budder out.. you should be left with a big ball of ground up useless cannabis.. throw your mason jars of liquid budder in the fridge for about 1-2 hours and BOOM!. But You can put this on/in ANYTHING and go to the moon. Hope this helps for the people that don’t know how to make budder!

  • I have this same problem of often not having much affect from edible. My research shows its absorption but also could be empty stomach with acid will torch the THC before it can get absorbed. The key is to slow down your digestive process.

    My trick to fix this is that you need to eat something fatty with it. My go-to is a peanut butter and jelly or banana sandwich. The peanut butter has a bunch of good fat that helps with absorption. Also I recommend making firecrackers if you make your own edibles. Same thing, peanut butter. I recommend less than .5 grams of flower per cracker. If new to edibles or firecrackers try a half cracker first. Wait 2 hours before eating the other half if you dont feel it much. If eating a gummy I still make sure to at least eat a tablespoon or two of peanut butter.

    My decarb method for fire crackers.
    Put ground flower in small mason jar - tightly sealed. I usually do like 6-8 grams of flower. Put mason jar in crock pot. Pour oil (any cheap oil like veg) up to the lid of jar. Lid on pot, set to high and come back in 24 hours. I do this outside so I don't smell oil.

    I'd love to hear back from anyone that tried my advice since I have been perfecting this for myself now for a while.

  • Mason jar in a crockpot, eh? Never tried that technique but it sounds good!

  • I had the same problem and just kept increasing and found out Im good around 500mg. Empty stomach or after a meal didnt really seem to cause any difference.

  • Wow. I would think not.

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    I've built up a tolerance over the years so it takes maybe 3-4 25mg gumdrops to give me a noticeable body rush. But I don't get a head buzz from edibles and that's what I'm after so I don't buy them often.

  • It sounds like I might have to stick to smoking because it might get rather expensive. 500mg?! Not even sure if it would be worth it at that point and I'd be scared along that way, that I would set myself over the top! Lol. I might try a couple of the above options, especially the peanut butter method or the canna butter. Thanks for all the helpful input!

  • 500 mg will put most people in the hospital. That's one to build up to...

  • @FlowerGirl don’t forget to stir and it works a little better if you use unsalted butter and add salt at the end, otherwise you will see some foam buildup but it’s all so good for you:-) I love butter

  • Its annoying because it makes the freebies they give you a microdose

  • Flower Girl, I’m personally the same way. Spent $200 bucks and took up to 200 mg, and felt nothing. I think I read that about 5% of people have no effects, I think our stomach kills the good stuff before it can be absorbed. Maybe chew it slower and let it dissolve orally? In any case, I prefer the flower anyway. More bang for your buck and you can control dosage a lot easier.

  • Interesting, I’ve been taking the 25 mg thc jolly chips from med mama every night since they arrived. For me the effects are strong and almost immediate, peaking at around 90 minutes and lasting for hours. As I come down I slide right into a heavy sleep. Needless to say, I have more on the way!

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    I ate half a 25mg gumdrop yesterday and was asleep by 6:30 pm. I had smoked about 2 bowls of purple diesel on top of it and had a few drinks. Slept 12 hours.

    25mg is nowhere near a microdose. The first edibles I ever tried were 10 mg. Someone who isn't used to smoking is going to get completely high out of their minds if they eat 25mg. If it doesn't work for you, then edibles don't work for you.

  • Sounds like a good day, Sixwaychili.

  • It sure was @georgetirebiter, just wish that I was awake longer to enjoy it. I just got done working 8 out of 9 days in a really physically demanding job so I was beat.

  • I find that edibles are far and away the least predictable form of MMJ. Some people get no effect from them at all, while others are blown away. Just as common are the people who sometimes feel their effects and other times do not. They are very hard to get the dose just right.

  • Done medical grade edibles a million times, never felt a thing. And I'm talking hundreds of milligrams per dose. I've always had a high tolerance for pills so I assumed the same thing for edibles. One scientific theory behind edibles not working for some people is endocannabinoid deficiency:

  • The sample gummie Hearts from Loud.... I would like to see those up....They are a hybrid I would say....

  • For me, they either hit me super hard or I get absolute no effect at all. Can't seem to find a middle ground.

  • @NayNay It's like that for me sometimes too. Out of the 4 samples I've gotten so far 2/4 hit me with decent to WOW effects. The other 2/4 one was negligible and the other I felt in waves but only a slight feeling, definitely wasn't bad but it wasn't strong.

    I'm wodering if some of them weren't cbd edibles. The 4 I had weren't labeled as to what they were, only the flavor was written on them.

    I've had homemade brownies and cookies before. The cookies were good. The brownies must not have been mixed well because I would have a small bit sized piece and only a small effect, then other parts of them I was so floored I had to go sleep them off lol.

  • I never get any effect from edibles. I think some people just don't

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