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I’m honestly kinda freaked out about this one. I placed an order a couple of days ago and have yet to see a shipping label created or put in the system. Usually I see it next day but it’s been a minute. I was wondering if anybody experienced this before? Or perhaps I missed a number on my address or placed a different number by mistake. That’s not good if thats the case. And what happens if my package gets delivered to the wrong house? Just a little insight on this would be great thank you.



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    Medman always delivers. Just keep that in mind. When you have sent your cash into the ether, and you are eagerly waiting for that mailman, it seem longer than it really is. When I have an order coming, I'll check several times a day just to look at the update.

    You should see a label up to 48 hours after you get the email confirmation. No email? Then the order did not go through. As for no label? I dunno how long you ought to wait before pushing the emergency button, but the website says 2 weeks before you do that.

    Look up other threads on this topic. They would fill a couple of hard drives. :smiley:

    I can't help you with the address part. Your order will go to wherever you told it to go.

  • @justaguy I’m not worried about not receiving the product. I’m worried about a possible mishap on the address. I don’t know what would happen then. I received the payment confirmation and I did push the emergency button just for clarification for the address. My fiance made the order and I just told her the information. I just wanted to make sure it was sent to the right address. Thank you again!

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    I got you. One way to check the address is to go start a new order. When you get to the address part, maybe your browser kept the info so it would auto-fill when you click it. That's what happens to my order page, I click the address part, and the auto-saved info drops down.

    You wouldn't need to submit the order, you're just checking the auto-fill.

  • @justaguy Well I tried but I have 2 address saved on there. However, I think I’m well just overthinking the issue because I haven’t seen a label pop up yet but hopefully if worse comes to worse they can edit the shipping information before it leaves the initial post office.

  • @1K_ ask medboy if you put said address he will answer ive asked b4 if i placed correct address

  • I always take a picture of the order when i submit so i know i had it right

  • I ordered last sat and had a lable created yesterday

  • I ordered last friday and still haven’t seen any label or anything. Getting a little anxious/worried myself

  • So I placed an order from MedMama on Sunday and the label just popped up today, so just give it some time. @justaguy lol I am very much like you, I check several times a day as well.

  • Placed an order early Sunday. Had a label Monday and package was shipped yesterday.

  • So same story except label waiting since yesterday hoping it comes and doesn't go missing...

  • What makes the suspense more suspenseful is when the USPS doesn't scan/update the ID for a couple of days.

    My most recent order posted last evening with the "Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility" notice, and I know it is on the truck headed east but it wont show up on my ID until it hits the distribution center in Texas a couple of days from now.

    But I do know that good news is on the way. :smiley:

  • Has anyone that ordered since the break seen any movement on orders from Loud?

  • Label but no actual movement

  • Correction-it is now accepted

  • @mikeyC I appreciate you letting me know, I still haven’t seen seen a label and it’s been about a week but I guess it sounds like they’re probably just backed up.
    I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

  • @Greasycheeseman6

    It's more than likely on the way; the hub Loud uses is VERY unreliable,therefore making ID unreliable.
    Crossing my fingers it gets to you soon!

  • I had no label and packages show up. More than once @Greasycheeseman6

  • There was a DNS attack yesterday

  • yes site is fucked right now cant order and the strain page is blown up any news from anyone yet!!!!
    This makes two days now been here for a long time I to have not seen this before.

  • The site goes down all the time. If there were a real issue the site wouldn't even load at all.
    My guess somebody updated the menu page and put the wrong value in the wrong slot, and it skewed the entire inventory list.

  • Usps finally showed that the label was created. However, nothing past that. Whats even weirder is that when I checked on July 21st at around like 9pm it said that my package was scanned on July 22nd at 4:10am. Seattle is like 2 hours behind me. How does that make any sense?

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    Mine has the same usually takes a day to move after that

  • Some of our newer members didn't go through the days of "spam and DNS attack" we went through October and November 2019. You want to talk about confusion and worry, those days were awful for MedMan. But they got everything fixed, although at the time it seemed to take forever.

    I think the USPS has stepped up their game on deliveries from SoCal. My order will come in today, 3 days earlier than expected. Usually the weekend will get in the way of my deliveries, but this time, they came through.

    Happiness is seeing this in your ID:

    "Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery Between 11:15am and 3:15pm"

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    I placed an order Monday (the 19th)... half from MedMama and half from Loud. Right now USPS is only showing one shipping label created yesterday. Seems kind of weird, because I almost always see labels created the day after I placed the order, and arrived at origin facility by the next day.

    I'll be patient, but this definitely seems unusual.

  • My package was delivered today, was scheduled for Monday delivery. Ordered Sunday, early am. Have a great weekend all

  • I really appreciate everyone’s calming advice
    Just received my package, one week after delivery so really nothing to complain about from me.
    Never saw a label created so if anyone reading this in the future is having any wonders about Loud like someone else said seems USPS is unreliable there.

    Thanks again guys! Have an awesome weekend.

  • Ohhhhhhh! Faith in HUMANITY RESTORED!!!!!


  • Man USPS sucks. My package has been sitting for a week now without moving passed shipping label created, awaiting item. I just want my medicine 🙃

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