Is Med Mama done completely now?

I thought today was last day to order but it appears it was yesterday. Take care.


  • i'm always one day late

  • Yes, the 31st was the end of new orders for Ma.

  • Where's this Cannabis Club shipping out of?

  • They are out of Colorado @JaymeeG

  • edited September 2021

    The other side of over yonder๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tks ๐Ÿ‘

  • That sweet tooth... Creeper

  • Ordered 2 zips of the discount outdoor, 1 each, 2 were on the menu. For that price point, I was subbed 2 zips of Gelato. Sure I really wanted to try that outdoor, but thanks @medmama for the discount on the Gelato!!! Hate to see you gone, I have only order from you ;(

  • That's awesome getting upgraded from outdoor to greenhouse! The 41 was nice to try.

  • Now that you say it is Greenhouse, it makes sense. Very tasty.

  • Very happy with my sub of Gelato too! Ordered outdoor and got a fat sack of this goodness. Going out with a ๐Ÿ’ฅ thx @medmama

  • Man, kinda disappointed myself. Ordered a zip of Sweet Tooth, got gelato (new froo froo flower). Sweet Tooth got me up n goin just like 20 years ago when I grew it. Grew Spice of Life's, this was Barney's, but lil better. Old school HIGH. Tried this gelato 3 times, put me to snoozin all 3 times. With retirement of @medmama I get it. Not aggravated enough to whine to @medman or @medboy, what could be accomplished? Man I have 2 buds of the previous half zip of ST sitting, staring at me lol. Ok, Im done. Cannabis Club certainly came in Sativa strong. Love it. Medicineman rocks, and have sent a cpl people here. Rock on, peace.

  • MedMama still on order form for vapes and stuff. Can we still order @medboy @medman

  • She included free samples with the gumdrops and vape refills that arrived today

  • I'm also wondering about her still being on the order form. I just ordered and then I saw this thread that she was finished on the 31st.

  • @FlowerGirl medman said in that thread medma is back for a week

  • So if I get an order in before 9/7, it is still good? They still have product up on your page. I keep refreshing my page.

  • If you are able to order, they will fulfill that order. -MB

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