Super Premium Animal Mints

I've only been using MM for about 1 1/2 years. Never seen Super Premium before, but went ahead and got 1/4. We'll see how it goes


  • Was wondering what the deal or difference is on that myself

  • Same and I ordered 1/4 as well lol. At one point not too long ago, Loud had both Animal Mints and Animal Mintz which were strangely actually two different strains. The Animal Mints was one of my all time favorites from here and I'm pretty sure it was just indoor, so I'm excited to see the difference.

  • Yeah now that you mention, seems like I remember having some indoor, something Mintz, back not too long, that was really quite nice.

  • Went full zip on this one

  • As described to me, this is "ridiculous weed". I'm really hoping for some great feedback on it!

  • Sweet @medboy grabbed some yesterday. Will definitely give feedback

  • Hell yes!! I am in for ridiculous weed! I just ordered and will post feedback.

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    Really looking forward to your review on this one @superman38NC!

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    Thx! @TheProfessor @LoudnCo has been providing some excellent flower lately. My hopes are up on this one. Kind of like the first time Fruit Loops hit the menu with a “warning” 🙃

  • Yeah Loud definitely has @superman38NC! Funny, I was also thinking about the “first” time Fruit Loops hit the menu when I saw “super premium” … and “ridiculous weed!”🤣

  • I got kinda curious about this super premium strain and ordered a full zip of it. I cannot wait to burn this stuff and get "ridiculous" high.🧐🤪😵😱

  • @superman38NC I miss fruitloops! Man the bud smelled just like a box of fruitloops cereal! Good to finally see icecream cake, wedding cake and runtz cake. I got those along with space runtz and some watermelon og carts.

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    @907ak420 me too! fruit loops was 💣. I’m definitely looking forward to a “ridiculous” high. My tolerance is way to high right now. If you don’t mind let us know how the Space Runtz is..looks/sounds 🔥

  • Anyone have any pics of this yet?? Plz and TY

  • Here it is. Great flavor overall with a mint flavor aftertaste. Very smooth with an immediate head high and body stone comes on later. Not a strong smell coming out of the bag but an earthy/sweet smell. I love it.

  • @buds looks phenomenal, take a few puffs for me!

  • It's funny you mention the smell being non-existent. My wife was like the whole house smells like skunk but I didn't really notice a smell when I took it out of the bag

  • @buds Sweet jesus that bud looks amazing!! Thanks for the pics and review definitely going to need some

  • I got my zip of animal mints, the bud is amazing! Nice and sticky. Dam phone cannot load pics right now. The internet outhere is slower than pigeons feet tied with notes to pass along right now. Just like buds said the mint taste is there and the high is not bad at all. Seems the same as premium bud but taste is crazy.

  • @superman38NC the space runtz is very light bud that still kicks a nice high. I am comfortably numb now after some of space runtz and animal mints.

  • Wedding cake is dense as ever, the green house ice cream cake is kinda stringy and the runtz cake is nice and dense bud as well.

  • Thx for the feedback! @907ak420 I got a 1/4 of the animal mints..excellent for sure. How does the WC compare?

  • Wedding cake has a much better burn and feel, An extra bowl of WC after a nice fat one is very sedating.

  • I honestly think that the wedding cake is alot better than the "super premium" AM... idk thats just me.

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