Gorilla Cookies, Oaktown Crippler, Animal Mints and more

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Gonna drop a review on the Gorilla cookies first. This arrived before the animal Mints- and was ordered before but I actually got shipping for a loud order before this and this came first. Weird mail but all of this is like 4-5 day east coast which is great!

Come back soon- grinding it and taking photos pre boveda.



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    Looking forward to it @MikeyC beautiful bud! Been eying the Gorrilla Cookies..
    I got the OC last time around and really enjoyed it. I went with Kandy Kush this time around. Really enjoy the Trainwreck crosses

  • Eagerly awaiting your reviews on these, @MikeyC 😁💚

  • Same here @MikeyC 😤🌬📄

  • Gorilla cookies

    Wake and bake. It tastes light and super smooth and pleasant. I am bad at describing it- it is sweet- I woke up before the family so no brush yet and taste my night guard still.

    The high starts with quiet. A mind quieting high that turns into relaxation. I woke up with a sore shoulder from exercise yesterday and 10 minutes in my pain is minor and I can touch the sky. Happy thoughts. I'm just focused on my breath and feel grateful.

  • Wedding Cake: effects slightly sativa dom, flavor is as expected (lime/pine?), aroma is muted but as expected. This has been my favorite strain for many years and this is a solid example, The effects are short lived and flavor addictive I find myself compulsively sampling.

  • Bluberry:definitely indica, I'm pleasantly surprised. This is a solid example of the original blueberry I used to sample 20+ years ago which to me smelled and tasted nothing like berries, aroma is very muted. Very similar flavor and scent to louds fruit loops from last year.

  • @MikeyC , your thread has been hijacked!

  • How’s that oak town crippy?

  • Trying it tomorrow night. Had to try some local bubba.

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    Oaktown crippler has a weird smell and taste I can't put my finger on. Tastes fine but I just don't prefer the taste yet it's not harsh.

    This is the stickiest I've gotten from here. Resin coated.

    Vapes like a champ and a real narcotic stoney feel. This is great for my lingering shoulder soreness. Will hit again.

    For now my eyes are heavy but I'm not sleepy.

  • Bonus comments- this batch of xj13 gets you stoned and no paranoia . Super piney smell. smooth taste.

    As someone who likes working out with paranoia feelings I still had a good workout with it hitting and doing calitsthenics . It was a bit visually impairing looking at a monitor. That wore off in 30 minutes.

    The high lasted longer than I expected. By hours.

  • @MikeyC

    I had Oaktown Crippler the last time Loud had it, and really liked it. Does this batch give ya the "get up and goes" lol?
    With the weather kinda cooling off down here, I'd like some to give me that want to get off my booty, and get outdoors. Sorry for the novel, hahaha

  • No. It gives me the go back to beds...

    Super premium is out for delivery...

  • @MikeyC you will not be disappointed in the Animal Mints..received mine this morning. The appearance aroma is definitely premium but the effects are what makes it super 😎

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    Tastes yummy. No bad smell either- smells like bud.

    I have a stitch in my side so let's see if it relaxes the muscles... Within a few moments my side was twitching- probably psychosomatic.

    My mouth is numb from vaping this and I feel a stoned euphoria. Feel like someone threw a lead vest on me. Heavy stone out if nowhere. Will update later

    A strong dissassociative

    Still going after 15 minutes or so in the mighty

  • @MikeyC Appreciate the review & pics. Sounds like a heavy hitter.

  • Novacaine- I liked it!

  • Yeah the Animal Mints def hit me a bit harder than I expected, and my tolerance is pretty damn high at this point. I wish I would have grabbed more.

  • I just received Gorilla Cookies from Loud. Wow…impressive, dense, fat buds, really tight and fresh, caked with resin, very uplifting for a cookies hybrid. DNU at bedtime…

  • Love how the oak town has me chill for hrs one BP and I’m set for atleast 3 hrs

  • How would you describe the smell of the oaktown crippler? My friend called it funk but I've never had a funk like that. Is this like cheetah piss? I truly don't know and have some smell issues it seems and can pick out the pine of xj13 but I couldn't describe this one.

  • @MikeyC smells like cheese with a little sweetness to me.

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    I really liked the OC last time around..sounds like aroma is on par for the strain..funky sweet cheese it’s a great description.

  • @MikeyC oh those stinky european cheese strains. I smoked my first cheez and thought some how this gorgeous bud is rotten lol..What really stood out besides the flavor was the loopy head high "which I love" that lasted for hours. How's the staying power of the high??? Dose it have that behind the eyes warm feeling of relaxation and happiness..just curious. 💚💨🍀

  • Good to know! Thanks!

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